Women tempted by gadget gifts

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 22, 2005.

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    But Gadgetdom is still the domain ruled by Men. It'll take a lot more than a iPod or digicam to get my wife into gadgets. Though.. maybe the cell-pod-cam. Hmm.
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    Bring back the coloured iPods. I see enough office/corporate girls in town with the coloured iPod minis walking around to know that girls like small coloured tech toys that are easy to use.
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    Not all of us (the coloured/not the easy to use). I hate companies who bring out pink things just to appeal to women. I don't want pink. I want something that will help me do what I want to do (although I'll confess I want it to look good too)

    I think the only difference between men and women gadgets owners is why they own them. Guys (and some girls) buy gadgets because they're cool. They might be so cutting edge that they don't work that well yet or you have to jump through hoops to use them but you have them. Girls tend to ask what the gadget is going to do for them. Will it make life easier or more fun in the longterm? yes, then they're interested.
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    I haven't read the whole article yet, but I had to chuckle at the opening line. What have I been debating for 2 months as to what to get my wife? A digital camera and an iPod nano.

    As much I as I would have loved to get the Nano... er... I mean... As much I as I would have loved to get HER the Nano, I ended up with a Kodak c340. Reasoning for the c340? It had the simpliest UI and I thought that she would be able to pick it up and use it instantly... much like she has done with my 4G iPod.

    On a side note: Both my mother-in-law and sister are going to be getting digital cameras this year... only after I told the gift givers what I was going to be getting my wife. Argh.
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    I looked at purchasing an iPod mini in pink for my wife on eBay. But this was for two reasons.
    1. My wife likes pink.
    2. She would know that I got this only for her because I would never carry the pink one around.
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    I think I just notice women with coloured iPods more.

    Hmmm I think 'someone' wants to go skiing in Europe for Christmas...Applespider ;)
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    I'm already 'away' for Christmas :p

    Skiing in Europe is likely to be March... :D
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    I love techie gadgets and am always fascinated when new stuff comes out. I like to see how it works and to use it and buy it if it is something which I can justify owning. Never had a PDA, neat as I think they are, because I don't have the busy lifestyle that one woud be best suited for. Took a while before I got around to getting a cell phone and now I wouldn't be without one, even though it is not something I use every day. I was very late coming into the iPod phenomenon for various reasons and now I'm already wondering why I waited so long.....

    However, the pastel-colored iPods do nothing for me and FORGET pink!!! If it were available I would reach for a hot orange one in a heartbeat. Of the two colors currently available for the iPod Nano and iPod 5G, I have to admit I like the black best, but at the same time the day I was buying my first iPod, I stood there in the Apple store, wavering back-and-forth, trying to make my mind up. Oooh, that stunning black one..... but, oooh, wait, think of how the cream-colored one would look so cute docked next to my creamy white iMac.... The black one would provide great contrast when viewing photos or videos..... The white one is just so darned pretty...... Ack, they're BOTH gorgeous!!


    So now I've got the creamy white 5G (yes, it DOES look cute docked next to the iMac!) and, geeze, only a few days later I succumbed to temptation again and went back to the store and this time got a black Nano. Why? Well, it looks super in my charcoal/black Griffin Road Trip in the car! :D Works great, too. Most importantly, it slips easily into my very small purse when I get out of the car to go into a store....

    So there you have it FWIW, my particular thinking processes when it came to buying myself the iPod. As you can see from the above, there is a definite interest in looks and functionality, as well as concern about practicalities. If it looks pretty or elegant but doesn't really do the job, forget it. If it does the job but is mediocre or downright ugly, forget about it. As I learned years ago in an art class: "form follows function." When both are combined to produce a superb product, I'm on it!

    So that's this female's response to the iPod and to techie gadgets in general....

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    Nice for some:cool: . Good powder in Swiss Alps, Canada and US are cheaper than Europe for skiing though.

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