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wonder how long before we see this script

Discussion in 'iPod' started by vniow, Sep 7, 2005.

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    Now that 5.0 has lyrics support, its just asking for an Applescript or a Widget to find the lyrics and copy them into the file.

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    I didn't notice lyric support until now! YES!! I am happy! :D

    ... sorry :eek:
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    god, that script would be loads better than hand-lyricing 3k+ songs...:eek:
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    you guys haven't seen the SignPod widget?

    It doesn't "add" the lyrics to itunes directly, but it does look up and display the lyrics for whatever song is currently playing in itunes. pretty nice little box to have on your dashboard.
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    wow what a cool little widget!
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    ig lyric will do this. It's a widget that searches and saves lyrics to the song file, and they show up in iTunes 5 now. I started a thread about this to let people know that it worked.

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