Wonder when we'll start seeing non-C2D MBAs in the refurb store?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jamesryanbell, Oct 6, 2011.

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    how long does that usually take? There's got to be some sort of trend.
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    Three to four months.
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    ... from release date. 2011 MBA released July 20, so, in a matter of weeks.
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    I would look on craigslist/Kijiji first. I just picked up a 2-month old 13" MBA ultimate (i7, 256GB) for $1,000.
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    come on, that's gotta be stolen or something.
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    Nope, came with a receipt. Also called Apple to change ownership and it was under his name.
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    well, congrats. that's a crazy good deal. :)!
  8. amoda, Oct 6, 2011
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    Aha, thanks! But I didn't mean to just show off a good deal ;-).

    At least where I am, NS, Canada, there's been a ton of MBAs hitting the used market. Several are a few months old at the most, and are regularly anywhere from $2-400 off new (and you save the taxes on top of that). Every now and then you get a "super deal" like the one I got.

    I don't know why but macs don't seem to be holding value as they used to. Probably because as more people buy macs the supply in the used market is increasing.

    This trend, at least to me, is making Apple refurbished seem like a much worse deal. I could purchase Apple Care and still end up under the pre-tax cost of a refurbished i7 air.

    Best of luck to the OP!
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    They still hold their value, the first 10-30% from new would always get shaved off first.
  10. nebulos, Oct 10, 2011
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    i was thinking about this again; this might have perfectly legit. but, i suppose there are ways to do this with a receipt and everything; the computer could have been purchased with a bogus card, for example.

    after i initially read your post, i looked at Clist and saw a bunch of MBAs. some looked legit, though not necessarily great deals. others were clearly bogus. and there might have been some on there that were genuine good deals.

    personally, buying something so expensive from a stranger on Clist is probably something i would never do. others, however, do have good luck with it.

    i do go by the old rule that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. just be careful.
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    Been eyeing the refurb store every day. Nothing yet. Anyone else seen one pop up? (It'd probably be gone in minutes anyway....just curious)
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    Still waiting. :(
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    That's good stuff! Thanks! I just thought refurbs may be a bit cheaper. :)
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    Good prices there, but I still want to buy from the refurb store. lol. I'm weird I guess.
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    2011 MBA refurb is now available.

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    Nice! Just in time for the holidays.

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