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Woo the official mail app works with yahoo!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Bowlerguy10, Jan 15, 2008.

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    I can log right in through the yahoo option. I am really glad that it works unlike the jailbroken version. Among other things I have noticed is that the dock is now corrugated like the iPhone and things seem much faster and smoother.
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    Great news!! Not for nothing, but Yahoo Mail Plus costs $19.99 per year... To me, since I was frustrated that I couldn't use Yahoo Mail w/ my jailbroken iPT, this justifies the $20 fee for the apps!
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    Ya IMO just getting that working is almost worth the price right there.
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    Yahoo Mail with the IMAP push option, you mean?

    How old is your account? I know there was speculation that older accounts never got that enabled...

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    My Yahoo account is from 2006 - I'm not sure if thats considered "new" - but it works so I'm happy :)
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    And you don't pay anything extra for Yahoo, right?

    Cool; this means at some point I can entertain myself with tossing all the spam that my Yahoo account gets into the trash with that cool screen animation!

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    Correct - I didn't pay for Yahoo.

    And thats funny, I love the trash can animation! :)

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