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Wood iPod! - must see!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by mlrproducts, Jul 5, 2005.

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    Pretty neat, but it'll crack under normal use.
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    Nice work, but not something I would want...

    And why didn't he replace the back cover, which actually needs replacement...? :confused:
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    Why does the back cover need replacement? The back cover is metal for a purpose. It's there to help cool the iPod. Without it there is a strong possibility the iPod would over heat.
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    I don't understand how the click wheel works when it's a solid chunk of wood instead of the plastic disk with sensors underneath. I didn't read the whole article, though, so maybe he explained it...
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    I don't understand how the click wheel will work if its covered by a piece of wood. Surely your finger needs to touch the sensor directly? Mine doesn't even work if I'm wearing gloves.
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    thats given me an idea. as soon as i get the money ive been oh-so longly owned im going to get cracking on a wooden iPod Mini (just incase i do something severly wrong at least i can still buy a new one, 8Gb perhaps). i was going to do this years ago to my minidisc player but i was only about 16 at the time.

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    wow i wood love to own one of these :D :D :D
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    The touch sensors are electro-static and do not require direct contact, though it does have to be very close to the surface. This is evident by the large number of iPod scroll wheel covers and iPod cases that cover the scroll wheel but still let you use it.
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    At first I just assumed it would for the buttons, but you have a point, how do you change volume and scroll through songs? Upon inspection of my photo, I can say that it works with anything that is stiff and relatively thin, paper, plastic, and cloth. So I guess if the wood is thin enough, it would work.

    I orriginally thought it was stupid and ugly, but it's grown on me. I think he went overboard with the gloss though.
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    I'll choose to ignore that comment :p
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    Wood iPod- pretty cool, but i'll just stick to my plain ol' iPod mini.
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    The varnish will wear off as you use the scroll wheel.
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    I just hope his battery never dies, cos that covers going to come apart when he tries to replace it.
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    I hope he was smart and got a new battery before doing it and installed the new one so he'd actually HAVE a battery. I mean, since he already voided the warranty...
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    Well, all the ones I've seen are all so full of scratches. If you don't keep it in some sort of protective sleeve it looks like s**t after a very short time of use...

    The mini's are much better in that respect, and the only mark in mine after a year and a half's use is a minor scratch in the screen from a time I accidentally put my mini and keys in the same pocket...
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    That is so ugly.
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    I gave up a long long time ago trying to keep the back from getting scratched. I now find it's just part of it's personality and character. I love it more now that it looks used. My screen on the other hand is scratch free but I haven't done anything with it but put it in a cover when I'm not using it. I find cases just add too much bulk so I don't use them most of the time. Also I never have a reason to look at the back since that's not the side you use any way.
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    That wasn't the most sensible thing to do. I did do that once or twice with my phone and keys and quickly learnt not to do with anything again. In saying that though, I have a shallow but annoying scratch on my iPod screen at the moment. Any suggestions what to use to get rid of it?
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    Right. I saw this explanation on Slashdot:

    Apparently this info came from http://www.qprox.com
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    There was another interesting post on this subject on Slashdot.

    A lot of replies called BS, as there was no info to back it up. But wouldn't it be cool if it were true? How can we get a secret operative into the hall outside Steve's office to get us a picture? :D
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    mad jew

    I'd get one if it had bluetooth. :p

    Next thing - the wooden Shuffle. An mp3 playing tooth pick, yay! :D
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    I know... :eek:

    I've only done it that one time, though.

    And the worst thing is that I have one of those magnetic keys on my keychain which does not play well with rechargeable batteries. (I actually had two AAA batteries for my camera and the keychain in the same pocket in my jeans and one of the batteries became hot enough to leave a mark on my thigh).

    So my keys and the mini are not meant to be in the same pocket at all...

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