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Woohoo, clear-case Lombard prototype!

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by vollspacken, May 24, 2004.

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    well, you might have seen the infamous "clear SE prototype" somewhere on the web (uhg, I forgot where and I'm too lazy to do a search now...), or the "clear classic proto" that was posted two weeks ago or so...

    o.k., here's another one straight from http://www.applefritter.com, a clear Powerbook G3 Lombard... you might not be able to see as much of the innards as in the two compact Macs (hey, it's way more crammed in that 'book, isn't it...), but it still looks funkee..!

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    looks amazing! I want it :(
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    and - worst of all - it was given to him/her as a gift... how sick is that?! :eek:

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    yeah, that's the classic proto I was referring to in my initial post...

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    i want a clear g4 imac the coolest imac ever
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    she put it up for sale, 8 day auction on ebay... search "Clear case mac" :)
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    A few months ago there was a guy on Yahoo! Auctions Japan trying to sell what was supposed to be a prototype Newton MP with a clear case ... but in Japan there are so many mods, who could tell if it was real or not?

    This thing *is* real, right? (Sorry, too lazy to read things over)
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    what about a clear ipod? that would be cool! :D
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    id like the clear classic :)
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    Damn I wish I saw this earlier. That proto was bad ass!
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    apple should make a clear mac....everythink is more exiting when you can see through it ;)
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    I knew a girl who has/had a clear plastic Powerbook G3... she is working at Industrial Light&Magic and got the case from a friend who's a product designer at Apple... apparently they use clear cases when designing new products to see how everything fits together.

    This auction was by a different girl, though.

    Now what would be really cool is a clear plastic iMac G3. Oh, wait... :)
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    Must be a fairly late prototype, as it looks quite well finished. Most laptop prototypes look quite a bit more rough. I remember seeing the early TiBook hardware, came in a clear plastic box the size of a large phonebook. It was pretty astonishing to see how slim the final product was, by comparison!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] Portables are my hero.
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    to whoever asked about clear newtons: i don't know if they're production or mod either (they look too good to be mod), but they're not terribly rare, at least when i was still using newtons there were always a handful of them on eBay... wanted one, but never wanted to pay extra for something like that.

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    I want a clear G5 when it leaks out onto the market:) I want a clear mac they are so sweet!
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    Wasn't the Cube clear? And so often people would complain of minor imperfections in the molding process (that showed up so much more visibly in a clear case). I agree, it would be nifty to have though.
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    WOW! Cool my freind from Italy bought them. I just sold a Newton 2100 Prototype and I still have a Apple PRO Mouse PROTOTYPE... I'll be puting it up for auction soon NEED Cash:(. All rare stuff goes for a 2 Network Servers. As for the Clear Prottype Newton the EVT's were clear and the DVT's were not the EVT (Enginerring Verifaction Test) and Development Verifaction Tests are differnt). EVT was first secont was the DVT. Like I said I'v got a EVT Pro Mouse and a DVT Newton, and somewhere a IIe DVT.
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    My proto's:

    Newton 110 And Prototype Newton 110 (clear case EVT)

    Newton 110 And Prototype Newton 110 (clear case EVT)

    Apple Pro Mouse Prototype EVT (clear case)

    Apple Pro Mouse Prototype EVT (clear case)

    Apple Newton 2100 Prototype DVT (not clear)

    Apple Newton 2100 Prototype DVT (not clear)

    Apple Newton 2100 Prototype DVT (not clear)

    Apple Newton 2000 battery DVT (not clear)

    Thanks All and keep the protos alive... Mark Jozaitis

    Macs 'R Us Computers
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    I have seen a good deal on a Neat Apple II prototype from Vintage Micros!

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