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Word processor apps

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Zaft, Feb 12, 2013.

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    Can I get some recommendations on good word processor apps. I would like features that are like Microsoft word. Much appreciated :D
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    Have you tried Pages?
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    both free and you can save documents as word .doc
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    Here is a review of some options. I have been using Pages and it works well for my simple needs.


    Those are OS X apps... and it appears OP is looking for iOS apps.
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    I would recommend Pages for iOS, got everything covered for basic needs, and works with a variety of flavors of document types. I'm use it a few times a week, I'm not a daily word processor.
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    Why not just use Word?


    Create a MS account if you don't have one, sign in, and click Create at the top.
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    I think Pages is the best one out there right now, give it a try.
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    CloudOn is perfect for the job as it runs M/S Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and it is free.

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    James Craner

    Pages is the best word processor on the iPad, but there are lots of great text editors for the iPad like Byword.

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