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Work purchase?

Discussion in 'App Store Business, Legal and Marketing' started by jondunford, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. jondunford, Dec 19, 2013
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    Sorry if this is the wrong forum but it seemed the least-un-relevant one :p

    I see people purchasing Macs as a "business purchase" because they can put it against their profit for tax reasons

    What is this? / How do they do it ?

    I don't know anything about this so I was looking for advice - preferably from some of the self-employed people here - to tell me how they buy their Macs as a work purchase and what benefits this has?

    I don't own/work for a business but I trade on the stock market. It's not my job but I make money from it : can I use this money to buy a Mac Pro instead of paying tax on it and list it as a "tool" for my trading ?

    Thanks ;):D:eek::confused::rolleyes::mad::):eek::cool:

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