Work Underway on Apple's Expanded Operations Campus in Austin, Texas

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    Back in March, the State of Texas announced that Apple would be pursuing a major expansion of its facilities in Austin, investing over $300 million to add 3,600 workers to its existing campus dedicated to customer support, sales, and accounting for the Americas. With various government approvals coming over the following months, Apple was then able to purchase the land in July, paving the way for the expansion project to begin.

    The Austin American-Statesman now reports that there is indeed major work underway at the site.
    The report notes that Apple's ultimate plans, which will take up to a decade to build out, consist of seven buildings totaling slightly over one million square feet and three parking garages housing 5,500 spaces.

    Entrance sign at Apple's existing Austin campus (Source: Your News Now Austin)
    Apple is in the midst of a major expansion of its facilities, from data centers in North Carolina, Oregon, and Nevada to its massive Apple Campus 2 in Cupertino that will house as many as 14,000 employees when it opens in 2016. In the meantime, Apple has been snapping up leased space throughout Silicon Valley and has just broken ground on a small campus in Santa Clara, California that will house roughly 1,200 employees.

    Article Link: Work Underway on Apple's Expanded Operations Campus in Austin, Texas
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    They should make more products in the good old US of A

    :apple: USA! USA! USA! :apple:
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    Groundbreaking news.....
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    So this is like a call center?
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    From last year's thread on this topic:

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    The TX governor was on news services today including CNBC the financial news network, espousing TX as the number one state for business, which it objectively is. Not at all surprising Apple is expanding there and not surprising that expansion has a 10 year plan.

    Building in Cupertino is nostalgic but will prove to be an excessive cost center going forward. Some Apple employees may opt to be "stationed" elsewhere and only visit CA due largely to tax and housing reasons.

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    Who's paying for it?
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    The petty cash department at Apple.
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    Hooray! More jobs in Austin :cool:

    Anyone have any updates on this?
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    One of the many reasons I wouldn't mind living in austin after I graduate...
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    Yeah for sure. Austin is a great place to live. I suggest looking into it with an open mind :)
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    Oh I have looked into it. And I was there last month for a convention. Definitely think I could fit in well there...

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