World’s first FireWire guitar unveiled.

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 5, 2005.

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    Sounds amazing... but can you plug your wah-wah and fuzz pedals, let alone your Marshall stacks into it? ;)
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    Set the guitar on fire... become an immortal legend.
  4. mpw

    No musical talent myself (once mistook a piano solo for a guitar solo on a recording and only found out when I was trying to describe the song I'd heard to a friend, he hit me :eek: )

    I guess the next step is going to be the addition of a hard drive or flash memory so you can strum away while away from your PC and download your efforts later........and of course the addition of a camera, 'cause everything got to have a camera now :mad:
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    Who needs pedals/amps when you have digital simulated amps/effects?

    Anyone have a picture of this guitar?
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    I know that there are MiDi guitars (a friend of mine was considering buying one), but FireWire? Nah. Give me a CS-2/MT-2/Peavy Classic 100 any day :cool:
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    Too bad Apple is aparently ditching firewire connectivity.
  8. mpw

    Who says?
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    This has been discussed in other threads. To make the nano 'impossible small' meant a choice of USB or FW, USB won because the nano has to sell to the wider audience who predominantly use Wintels that don't commonly have FW. In addition the FW would have taken more space of the two. I'll eat my multi-buttoned mouse if Apple drop FW from desktops or laptops inside 3 revisions.
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    I can't remember who makes it, but there's also an Ethernet electric guitar out there..
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    Erm... no. That's to support PC people when FW and USB is too expensive. I can't see them dropping FW for a looong time, especially as cameras are FW and Apple are industry standard in movies
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    This has sort of been done before although not precisely with a firewire port. I can't say that I'm thrilled about either of these guitars, I am bit old fashioned when it comes to string instruments.
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    Apple would be unwise to risk losing a portion of its higher end customer business by ditching FW without a superior replacement. AFAIK FW is still the preferred choice for many "pro" video products. Are serious video pros really using USB2 drives instead of FW drives?
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    Jimi? or just to go with the FireWire name?

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    Gibson are responsible for the ethernet guitar.

    They'll never make the market.
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    Is there really a market for a firewire guitar?

    It's beyond me why someone would want to convert analog to digital back to analog.

    Digital effects can't even begin to emulate the uniqueness of electronics.

    Just look at solid-state amps and tube amps. The majority still prefer vintage tube amps over a modern solid-state amp.

    The last thing I want to do when playing is troubleshoot why my sound emulator isn't recognizing my guitar.

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