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World of Warcraft Tips.....

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by branharrison6, May 12, 2007.

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    need a few tips on WoW on the mac.

    (1) How do I auto run on a mac? I know on a pc it was num lock but on a mac it doesn't work. Is it possible on a mac?

    (2) Can I minimize WoW and check stuff online i.e Thottbot or something else? Then return back to the Full Screen application?

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    the Clear button in the numb pad will auto run

    and Comman+m will bring it into windowed mode.
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    You can also map your keys/mouse buttons (hit esc and go to keyboard settings). I have my autorun mapped to my scrollball on my mighty mouse; very handy.
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    I have mine set to the 'v' key. It's really easy to hit with the thumb.
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    :apple: -m will toggle full-screen mode.
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    And here's a friendly tip: Use WoW only in moderation...
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    nah. i like my WoW in heavy doses thanks. :D
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    There is life outside of WoW?
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    Rumor has it you can get real life to drop of a rare spawn.
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    I like to map auto run to the ~ symbol (The key above the Tab key). It's right next to WASD for movement and is really natural to transition from running to autorunning.
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    I use a Nostromo pad, and I can't change the settings, so I hit shift and a semi-random button, which turned out to be s. So shift-s is my auto-run.
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    L..l..life? What is this of which you speak? :confused:

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    Nothing more natural than space bar ;)
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    Actually I have the same problem, how do you autorun but using a laptop?
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    I've heard in this real "life" that you speak of that girls are actually girls and not perv 40 year old guys :)


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