World's first fully-autonomous (no human driver, no remote ...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 21, 2005.

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    thats pretty cool...
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    Would you want to run an automated car on Windows XP?
    I can just picture the car driving around in heavy traffic with the driver reading or sleeping when all of a sudden the OS locks up and shuts down!
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    I want this thing driving my car. Probably would be secure and a better driver than me...
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    Steve's gonna be pissed when he sees this. Apple's been secretly developing the CarPod for years now.

    "First there was integration into the glove box of your BMW, and now your iPod can drive it for you. Introducing CarPod. The next big thing, from Apple."
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    Are you all sure this is the world's first fully automated car, or the world's first fully automated car that runs OSX?

    Seems to me, these DARPA challenges have been going on for like 5 years now. The idea is to get a car to drive across random Arizonian terrain.
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    Don't panic

    it's just the first that runs OSX.
    there are dozens entry in this year's darpa alone, so i would imagine that most are windows-based. nothing to get excited about, unless they outperform everybody in the challenge.
    even then, i imagine that the 'contribution' of the OS is likely minimal.
    that said, i'll bee rooting for them :)
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    actually i believe this is only the second year for Darpa
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    Mr. Anderson

    This is cool - but after the fiasco of the 1st race last year, I'm going to be surprised if they have better results. No one finished and only a few got anywhere to begin with.

    It will definitely be quite cool if a vehicle finishes, though.

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    That may be.

    Perhaps I just heard about it coming up, since i bet DARPA gave people a few years notice before the first one. I used to work at Boeing on DARPA stuff, and recalled how, at the time, I thought it'd be so cool to work on an automated car out west, than resource management of the JSF.
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    I wish Team Banzai all the best. Hoping for a successful conclusion. Go Mac OS X and the Mac mini. This moves of closer to some day in the future having cars that operate themselves. :cool:
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    So, when does this race start and end?
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    WOW... hope they start shipping nex tuesday!!!
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    That's just awesome.
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    Mr. Anderson


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    Mr. Anderson

    So instead of decades its just decades minus a few months :D

    I don't imagine we'll be driving down the road in cars piloted by computers any time soon. As was shown by the 1st Grand Challenge, there is so much more work to be done.

    There has been some development in autonomous road systems, but they haven't caught on just yet. And remember, you have to have a pretty damn powerful computer in you car. Most people couldn't afford that anyway.

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    Flying Llama

    Nice, but huh??

    This is very cool. I hope them the best and the winning place.
    But a few things I don't get: how is OSX capable of driving a car? What program are they using? Why need Aqua? Why not just use Darwin?

    llama :confused:
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    Flying Llama

    Ah, nevermind my first post, I saw here that they created their own app that needs a GUI. Sorry! :eek:

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    That's interesting I can't wait to see how they do. It's a tuff challenge.
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    The OS isn't. The propriatary software its running is and OS X has little to do with it unless they are programming it in X's API which would seem the only reason to use OS X instead of just Darwin. *shrugs* or maybe not. Just a guess.
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    Keep in mind that DARPA's terrain is not your ordinary run of the mill highway. They are doing offroad, up inclines, crossing dry riverbanks, etc. Stuff that is going to be used by the military. Hence the reason its DARPA.

    Running along a highway is MUCH simpler. Esp if you embed senors in the pavement or have cameras reading the lines on the road. All this is doable NOW. (Stopping is another matter from what I've read.) Its just a matter of cost both for the tax payer (Equipping the roads.) and the car manufacturers. (Equipping the cars.) that and simply working the bugs out of the system before it hits mass production. Chicken and the egg type thing when it comes to that though.
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    there you go. it shows that the mac mini is powerful. and this ceo said the ppc is not good enough. it was deemed so bad, that using intel chips would do the job... ;)
  23. jsw
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    I think the major obstacle is dealing with human-driven cars. If all cars would suddenly become automated, highway driving would be, as you said, cake. It's dealing with the emergency situations thatss tough - not so much someone stopped ahead of you as someone, say, veering across traffic. Sort of like piloting aircraft - in optimal conditions, it could all be automated now.
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    I, for one, welcome our new automated-car overlords.
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    I don't really expect this to happen in my lifetime. Do think that this technology is inevitable in the future. By the time that it becomes reality the price will also become affordable.

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