Wormholes for iPhone and iPad has just been released to the iPhone App Store!

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    After many hours, I have finally been able to get my very first app onto the app store. Check it out!


    Check out the new video review here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RlwIjcdzRw

    Wormholes, finally on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad! Finish the game by completing numerous 3D puzzles based in underground chambers. Only with the A978 Wormhole Gun will you have the ability to create wormholes allowing you to complete the level. In addition, you must use the cubes and buttons around the various parts of the level to open doors allowing you to arrive at the finish. Have fun with the portals!

    -Play through numerous exciting levels

    -Use the A978 Wormhole Gun to travel around the level instantaneously

    -Use cubes and buttons to unlock doors to get to the finish!

    -Many updates coming soon!

    -On sale for limited time only!

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    I will certainly be adding more levels in future updates now that I know there is support for the continued development of my app.

    I am sorry to have confused people, but this app only works on the newer generation devices due to the game's memory requirements. I have already modified the app description to include this comment. Sorry to anyone who accidentally bought my app who did not possess one of these devices. On future versions of my app I will be sure to make it so that only people with newer generation devices can download it. Once again sorry for this problem.
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