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worst pro photographer ever?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by bluewire, Jun 5, 2007.

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    That is pretty bad, she did not even fix red eye. Never mind using a flash correctly so you don't get red eye... :rolleyes:
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    There is a lot of red eye as well. Probably using the flash from a point and shoot.

    And what is up with the 45 degree angle shots? And all the blur?
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    Click on boys and look at the banner... she has just stretched it to fix the website! I mean come on dude! And under weddings theres a shot of the bride's arse and shoes [​IMG]
    Edit: EWWW OMFG click on home and scroll down to the bottem left photo look to the left of the mans hand. I would delete that photo faster than you can say your balls are showing.
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    Wow, and I thought this was going to be another Ken Rockwell bashing fest. :rolleyes:

    Yeah- why is this poor woman trying? The website is horrid, the photos (those that aren't out of focus, have red eye, and are underexposed) have poor composition, and no interest points. I think I'll hire her :rolleyes:
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    You could move into her turf and take over all of her business. :)
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    I'll take that as a compliment and leave it at that.
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    I did mean it as one, maybe an emoticon at the end will help :)
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    Woah I didn't even notice that.

    Notice the angle of the photo. How creative! What you want me to be more creative? Let me turn my camera 45 degrees and give a fresh perspective! Yeowsers!

    I'm not sure whether or not I should laugh or cry.
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    And so does she. Leave her alone... bigging yourselves up by having a go at someone causing no harm.

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    Honestly. First of all, some of this is jpeg compression. So yeah, she's a really bad photographer. Great. At least she doesn't take herself all that seriously. I'm sure she doesn't charge a ton. She also has a real job, and other people have asked her to shoot for them. Based on the look of her flash, I assume she's using a P&S.

    [rant]On the other hand, a lot of people on this board have a hoity toity flash website talking their mind blowing photographic skill, thousands of dollars worth of equipment gear, and years of experience in Photoshop (which most of these people haven't even paid for). Then I look at their image galleries, they suck! Yeah, I'm not tons better than some, but at least I'm waiting to actually get really good to post a website soliciting my services. Sorry, even with a D80, 18-700, and pirated install of CS3, one is still not a top quality professional photographer. Oh, I also find it funny when people brag about being self-taught, then demonstrate that they haven't been taught well. There's no shame in a photo class as a community college or tagging along with a real pro for an assignment or two.[/rant]
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    Well, I won't say anything about the photographs as she's not a pro. But she does say she's a professional English teacher. Dear me.

    I'm sure you gave them a memorable sight.

    What was only recently?

    Are you also cold and drafty in winter, with your own box office?
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    Ah, RedTomato that just made me laugh.

    I would like to nominate this site for Worst CSS-ish Site EVER! I blame yahoo site creator for puking out the horrible code and the woman for even putting it up there.

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    Clix Pix

    Well, I hope she doesn't give up her day job for photography!!!
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    Oh god. This is the worst.
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    Mediocrity as an amateur is painful, but forgivable. Mediocrity as a "pro" is Malpractice.
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    Man alive, some of you need to get a sense of humor and not take this THAT seriously. Just thought it was sorta funny - maybe I am being an a##hole for sharing this but I found it somewhat amusing...maybe I'm just twisted like that :-o

    Anywho, no need to get all snippy and self righteous, I am not claiming to be Ansel Adams by any stretch - OTOH, I am not charging anyone for photos

    But anyways...
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    Her point is that "Photo's aren't about posing, it's about capturing the moment". Whilst this is true, it doesn't mean that you go around taking pictures of absolutely everything you see. :eek:
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    Someone must have told this lady, in an idle moment, that she's got "an eye for a photo"... and she's let her imagination run wild. The pictures are awful, like you'd get from someone who'd just been given their first camera and told to take a few shots. But offering her services as a 'pro' doesn't necessarily mean she'll get any customers...

    Thank God there are so many bad photographers in the world; it means that a snapper like me can scrape a living. And too many people buy into the manufacturers' claims... that what they need is a new camera or lens or gadget...
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    Maybe she has an interest in photography and has only just started out. We all have to start somewhere. When I started out as a designer looking back my first work was utter crap. With experience comes quality.
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    The great thing about the interenet is that it allows people to share their photos with the world. And the worst thing about the interenet... is that it allows people to share their photos with the world. ;)

    It's good to get other peoples' opinions about your work... though sometimes it can seem a bit lazy. You can feel like saying "Go away, work on your photography on your own for a few weeks, months, maybe years (well, years in my case: slow learner...), and only THEN give your work a public airing".
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    Sure, but even then, her photographs show little hope - composition is horrid, she can't really use a P&S by the looks of her focus, and the photographs lack anything that set them apart from the millions of pictures taken by the non interested picture taker.
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    I wouldn't say this about someone who's photos I didn't like, but these photos....no mattery how you look at them......are horrid.

    I'm not even trying to prop myself up, either. Even a typical person (a non-photographer) with a small digital camera in hand can take photos better than this lady. She's not even average at a consumer level. This is why I'm shocked to find out that she was paid for her work. I wouldn't mind so much if she just took photos and wanted to share them, but to take money from people for her work? I'm sorry, but those customers got PUNK'D! :eek:
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    Oh poor Stephanie. I hope she doesn't come here. Bless her :eek:

    They are bloody awful though
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    I'm curious about how happy the bride is that had her wedding pictures taken by her. Was there redeye in the wedding portraits? Maybe that was a friend or something...
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