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Worst Travel/Chamber of Commerce Site Ever

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by iGary, Jan 6, 2006.

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    So tell me.

    When was Camden founded?

    What is it's history?

    Is there public transportation?

    What are the weather statistics?

    I'm doing a lot of travel writing at the moment, and sites like this are killing me.

    My bitch of the day™.
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    Mr. Anderson

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    What about a *gasp* phone call! :)
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    I don't have time for that - seriously.

    I have 300 towns to write up.

    I need to be able to get onto a site, extrapolate all the juicy stuff and get out.

    Here's a good one:

  5. adk
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    I know the site you posted doesn't have what you need, but it looks great for people who just want to travel there and not learn about it. Good luck with your search, though.
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    I thought when you posted this it would be another one of those really crappy looking websites. But yeh, there's not much there.
  7. Lau

    Yeah, I went to the "About" page, thinking, well, that's where it will be, right? No, that's just where they have a business-speak-nonsense-wank(™?). Of course. :rolleyes: I feel your pain.
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    whew, when I saw travel site in the title I was worried for a second it might be my companies website (I'm the web administrator) :p
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    Under Residents>Towns>Camden, I found this information, but it wasn't all that go-to-able.

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    well...i usually get on wikitravel... but i guess you have tried already..... but what are you doing exactly? are you writing travel guides? this is something i 'd like to do... :eek:
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    I almost want to write a template, publicize it, for towns, and do it as a CMS with certain imformation as required fields, and then just distribute it for free...

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