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worth upgrading?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by greekboy77, Nov 27, 2008.

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    is it worth upgrading from the 1g to the 2g ipod touch? the idea of an external speaker sounds great (dunno if its good or not). i wouldn't be using the speaker for music, mostly videos and you tube? just wondering how the speaker is when it comes to youtube or gaming.
    thanx for any advice
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    I love the speaker on the 2G. It is great for games. It is pretty good -to- OK for youtube. Some music sounds better than others. I listen to my handbrake ripped movies, mainly concerts like Derek Trucks, Eric Clapton, Alman Bros and Joe Satrani. These music examples are only OK when I show them off to a friend at the frisbee golf course or at work. But, at home, in a quite house, with my wife watching tv in the other room, I actually have to turn down the speaker to not disturb her. Plus it's embarrassing that I'm listening to the same Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi song again (Anyday).

    Also the processor is way faster. It is 25% faster than an iphone 3g
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    A few days ago I would have said no it wasn't worth it to upgrade, but since then new information has come out. The second generation iPod touch has a faster processor in it. If you intend on using your iPod touch for a lot of gaming that uses 3D graphics then I would upgrade to the new model. If you are like me and use it mainly as an iPod with the internet (I'm typing from my iPod) then wait for the next generation.
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    I'm perfectly happy with my 1st gen, but sometimes I do with I had the speakers, none of the other stuff matters to me. It's up to you how often you would use that feature.
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    i've never owned an iPod touch and was hoping to get one as a christmas present for myself. So ya'all reckon the 2G is more worth it than the 1G?
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    To be honest the speaker is great for Games and Youtube, but it is horrible fore music. It is way too quiet for music, but overall it is great.

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