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Would anyone mind if I used my PC?

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by ibookin', May 6, 2003.

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    Now that I have broadband, I have decided to being folding during the day on my iMac and my PC (Athlon XP 1700+).

    What I was wondering is if it would disrupt the sanctity of our folding team to use the PC, or if we even have such sanctity.
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    Re: Would anyone mind if I used my PC?

    Man if we all used macs only, we would have way less points than we do now. I sadly only have 2 macs on my fleet of 13-15. That would be the case for most people. Alot of us have more pc's than macs just because they are all around us. There is no harm in letting it do some work for the team. Points are points!;)
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    Re: Re: Would anyone mind if I used my PC?

    Time to load it up as soon as I get home, then!

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