Would it be safe to assume the 2013 MBA will come in summer?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Uguubot, Nov 17, 2012.

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    I'm fixin to buy a MBA before going to school next year, so I held off on buying the 2012 model so far. Would you assume the next MBA will come out before the start of the school year? Although early, and predictions about changes?
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    I think they usually update around April through June. You can see the MBA update cycle by clicking on the buyer's guide tab above.
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    It's never safe to assume that Apple will update anything at anytime. Those with an iPhone 3GS on longer contracts had to wait a good few months more until the iPhone 4S came out to upgrade. Look over at the (justifiable) moans coming from the Mac Pro Forum - they haven't had a proper update in about 2 years! People were also surprised at the recent introduction of the 4th gen iPad, only six months after the previous 'new' one.

    The main factor in when Apple release a new MBA is the availability of new processors. And from what I have seen, it may well be autumn when the next generation of intel processors become available.

    Of course, Apple could just update other features such as the form factor or screen, or it could grow arms and wash your dishes for you - you just don't know.

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    What about people who need matte or ant-glare screens on iMacs, external Cinema Displays, 13" MacBook Pro's, MacBook Airs. It's been close to 6 years since Apple showed its arrogance by no longer offering any anti-glare screen for these. That's fine for people that love gloss - and no one denies glossy looks great - but there are people out there that need anti-glare.

    - people with poor eyesight, or affected by glare
    - people prone to headaches and migraine headaches
    - photographers, some not all
    - graphic designers, some not all
    - people that need to stare at screens for many hours per day, concentrating on the screen (not just Facebook and Social Media fun)
    - people who work in rooms with bright sunshine, who cannot shift their positioning, e.g. if you're a worker with a desk in a sunlit room

    It is ridiculous that Apple can show such disdain for 6 years.

    And don't say if I don't like it, just go to Windows. Seriously, is that an option, particularly now with Windows 8? Get real.
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    I do agree with you about the bloody glossy screen. On the other hand, there is a bit of a workaround for it in the form of a matte screen cover, which I use. It's not the ideal matte screen, but I find it bearable - after all, the appreciation for OS X and its connection with iOS outweighed the disadvantages of glossiness.
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    Figure out intel's roadmap. Apple will follow suit.

    If there is no new intel CPU or chipset out by then, there will be no new macbook air.

    Currently, the ETA for Haswell is around march, so maybe we'll see new machines around that time or shortly afterwards.

    But if intel run into delays, any apple product will also be delayed.

    I very much doubt they'll do some interim update for anti-glare screens or a new case or whatever until they can combine it with a new architecture.
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    I have a matte film on my MacBook Air. I compared it with my matte screen MacBook Pro. I note that, for very sharp light sources such as ceiling lighting, the true anti-glare matte screen will diffuse those, whereas with the stuck on matte film you can clearly make out the sharp light sources. So, while it is a next best thing, it's not the real deal.
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    If only it were that simple. Just look at the new iMac - the Ivy bridge desktop chips have been with us for 6 months or more, but they still haven't shipped in an Apple product quite yet. And yes, I understand that there is a new form factor in the mix, but you just don't know when Apple will pull that out of the hat.

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    Perth, Western Australia
    Oh I agree. I guess what I meant by "follow suit" is that expecting a new Mac when the new CPU is not yet out and may still be delayed is pretty unlikely.

    Point being: wait for intel to announce haswell availability - some point AFTER that we'll see the new machines.

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