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Would the G5 be Pentium oriented

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by KingArthur, Jun 16, 2001.

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    I heard that if IBM's G5 processor is accepted (which apparently is closer to completion than Motorola's), it will be a "pentium oriented" design. It would have a 64bit pipeline instead of the current 128bit design with the velocity engine. It would reach high speeds, but one of mac's strongpoints is the ability to do more in one cycle, not pump out necessarily big "Gigga-hertz" ********. Other sources have claimed that the G5 would have a 128bit pipeline and reach the same speeds, but I did not catch who's design it would be based on (IBM or Motorola). I personally feel that if the first rumor is true, Apple would be taking a big step in the wrong direction (to the dark side of the Pentium 4 design). Any confirmations or refutes (I hope to have more of the latter)?
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    That would be a big mistake

    That would be a big mistake on apples part. Or atleast in my opinion. The problem is that only professionals and geeks like me know why Moterola porcessors are so much faster than the pentiums. When the general public sees a 1.2 gHz PIII and a 733 mHz G4.. they think that the PIII is faster. Apple does need to get the clock speeds up and Motorola has not delivered what they have been promising.

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    New rumors that I have read about say that IBM's G5 processor would be a 64bit process, but IBM is apparently creating an "engine" like the "velocity engine" of Motorola's that would accelerate the processing to 128bits. I say go for IBM to create the next generation of processors because Motorola is losing ground in the stock market and isn't seeming to put Apple as a priority anymore. IBM has the resources and if they comply with Jobs' innovation, we may see more than ever before.
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    IBM and Motorola work together on development of Power PC microprocessors. They use an entirely different architecture and technology than a pentium. If the G5 was pentium oriented, it wouldn't be a TRUE fifth generation Power PC chip.
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    Very bad idea and contrary to R and D conformity to quantum physics. All in all a silly question.
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    G5 Cool

    Ship me one now. If ibm is going to a 64 bit processor then it would have to be a higher clock speed. Like a 1 ghz of coarse it would be simmilar to the new G4's...

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