Would the Netflix Instant Streaming Disc work on a PPC Mac?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by RedCroissant, May 11, 2013.

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    Hello all.

    I know that generally trying tog et Netflix streaming to work on PPC is crazy, but while trying to do this, I successfully tricked Netflix into thinking my iBook was an iPad and it would have worked if OS X recognized "nflx" as a valid way to begin a web address. SO I was wondering if those instant streaming discs that Netflix released a few years ago might make it so that a PPC mac could stream Netflix.

    Thanks for any responses and any help!
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    there ya go
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    Netflix requires Silverlight 2.0 or higher. PowerPC machines only have up to 1.0. A workaround has been discovered, but it requires a fairly powerful Intell machine. Run the Plex Media Server on the Intell machine and set it up to be able to login to your Netflix account. Install Silverlight on it if it isn't already on it. Then download the PowerPC branch of Plex. Have Plex connect to your Intell server based machine and go to Netflix. Select a movie and it'll start to play. Results vary greatly with different computers and network connections when doing this.
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    This will get you silverlight 2.0, but does that get you on netflix still? are there any other requirements as the netflix site states it wants intel processor still and does it also check the ram?

    Basically is it possible to do this on my ibook G4 with 512mb ram even with leopard, safari 5 and silverlight 2?
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    Silverlight 2 is compiled only for Intell CPUs. If installed on a PowerPC machine, it won't work or run at all.

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