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Discussion in 'Games' started by bousozoku, Jul 29, 2002.

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    Would you buy and play a team-oriented game to control a starship, such as one from Star Trek?

    I've been designing a game to allow team members to take various duties under a "captain" where they need to navigate, handle engineering tasks, use weapons, but most of all, must cooperate to win.
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    Kind of like Team Fortress in space?
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    Re: Would you buy and play...

    Yes!!! I love those kind of games!

    PS: I'm sorta a trekkie too:p
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    I would buy one. I'm sure there's a lot of trekkies who would like a game truer to the show then most of the current games.
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    Exactly! When MacPlay cut StarTrek starfleet command 2 gold I was pretty sad. I had been looking forward to that game for a while...:mad: :(
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    Wow, sounds exciting. I want to be the rudder person. When the captain says left, I click L. When the captain says right, I click R. Wow, the suspense, the intrigue, and most of all, the pure excitement of it all. I can just see myself sitting for hours in front of the computer nervously waiting until the captain tells me to go right or left, maybe a right then a left, or dare I say, a left followed by a right followed by another left! Oh, I'm already getting goosebumps.

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    Mr. Anderson

    You'd have to keep the teams small - maybe no more than 4 people - it would get a little crazy if you had too many people - a lot of talking and game play might suffer. But it sounds really cool, I'd do it myself. But even if you had an option to all get in space fighters and shoot it out with the bad guys once in a while - that would be good too.

    I've played only Myth and MythII online with other people - it was great - probably one of the reasons is that each game only lasted up to around 15 minutes - so it didn't get too tedious.

    What sort of plans do you have?

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    Keeping the teams small seems right. Very few people want to be the chef or clean things. It's mostly weapons, navigation, engineering, and operations that people mention anyway. (except for mcrain)

    Perhaps, it would be interesting to have some negotiation go bad or a new species arrive and can't communicate.

    I'm spending a lot of time working on feedback to the various systems to simulate how the real world might react to damage, repair, commands, etc. It may be too detailed...you may be able to operate a real starship by de-coupling the feedback routines and attaching each system to the appropriate hardware on the ship (I could wish!).
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    Do you have any plans to release a beta version?

    I'm sure a lot of people here in the Macrumors community would love to beta test for you. I know I would..:)
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    Me too!!!:D :D :D
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    And with all the different Mac systems that people around here use, I'm sure you could work out any bugs....:)
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    Hey, I appreciate that you want to help although I sense that you're not being completely selfless in your willingness. :D

    The thing you don't realize is that I have no graphics added yet. It's all text between the systems right now. After all, getting these things to work should be the hard part, right? Everything else is gravy.

    I know...it's not exciting without the graphics. :(

    As I get there, so shall you know.
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    Yes! I've been waiting for a Star Trek game newer than Starfleet Acaemy but in that genre for mac. I've been wanting games like Starfleet Command, Klingon Academy, Bridge Commander, Star Trek Armada, and Star Trek New Worlds. I have Elite force and the expansion which is a good game but what abouth the ships? I have Star Trak Armada for win running on Virtual Pc but it's graphics are sad even on highest quality which runs at 1fps...yey:rolleyes:
    Aspyer and Macsoft should really bring more Star Trek games to the mac. What happened to Starfleet Command 2 anyway?
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    Hey! I have STV: Elite force with the XP too! :D Do you play online alot? What's your name in Elite force? To answer your last question, Star Trek Starfleet Command 2 was cut by MacPlay a while ago...:mad: :( :( :mad:
    Good! Keep us posted on your progress!

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