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iPad Would you deem the iPad 4 as the one to get?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by ajumbaje, Jan 26, 2013.

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    I currently have an iPad 2 white 64 gb and am planning on getting the same one, just 4th gen.

    I honesty dont see anything clearer than retina display coming out soon and i dont mind switching over to a lightning cable. I would just need adapters or new cables for the hdmi and sd card/camera features.

    I assume I can get around 400/450 for my iPad now. I will have everything that came with it. Only scuffs are from the smart cover.
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    I was one of the people who bought an iPad 3 and was surprised by the quick release of the iPad 4.

    I have no complaints with my 3 - as far as it being an improvement over the iPad 2. I'm pretty sure the 4 would be a reasonable update.
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    I was in a similar situation. I have the iPad 4 now. I love it, but If the new one has a faster processor I4 is going on Craigslist.
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    The iPad 4 will be an improvement for sure; go for it.

    Not sure about the money you still can get for the iPad2. 400/450 sounds high; but good luck if you find someone.
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    That seems to be the price they're going for on Craigslist, but haggling would also factor in here.
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    I wouldn't bother. I tried the 4 for a few weeks and returned it. It felt heavier and chunkier compared to my 2 and the retina display was not a huge improvement. The 2 is a superb tablet so skip the 4 and see what comes next.
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    The only downside is the weight (something the iPad 5 will address).

    I honestly think if your not bothered by Retina, you dont need to ugprade yet.
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    I have an iPad 2 and am holding out for an iPad with stereo output and all the features the current iPad has with the same weight (or less) as the ipad 2. I wouldn't mind improved battery life. Perhaps a better camera but I rarely use mine.
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    It depends on your needs. I'm okay with the mini. Small size, cheaper price, still has amazing performance. It has zero tradeoffs in terms of hardware components (think CPU, GPU, camera, speaker, etc. not physical size) except for Retina. But for my parents, they don't really care about size unless it's smartphone to tablet kind of different. They are old compared to me, not so great eyesight and other stuff that occurs with natural age. They also read a lot of stuff online. So for them, I bought them the iPad 4.
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    I really don't mind the weight
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    i just sold off my ipad2 for an ipad4..no regrets..love how fast the thing runs and i am quite amazed my the batt performance..its a good upgrade from every aspect..wish it had more storage though.. =)
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    Unless you're desperate to upgrade, I would stick with the 2 until the 5 comes out.
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    But the 6 is coming out in a year and it will be amazing.....
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    If you're interested in having a "perfect experience" the iPad 3 or 4 are the best choices. I tried the mini and - to me - there were too many compromises that plagued it. The screen resolution is the obvious one, but there's also a bit of a problem that arises when you're putting 10" apps on an 8" screen. People will argue against this, but I found that the graphical and text elements were too small on the mini. The thin portion of the bezel also inhibits the mini's ability to be held comfortably. I personally do not understand why Apple did make that part of the bezel so thin considering the fact that most people are still not able to hold the device with one hand anyway. I own an iPad 3 and the experience is near flawless. The device is heavier than the mini, but at the same time easier to grip because the bezel has room for your thumb to rest on it. Text and graphical elements look great on the high resolution screen, which isn't a shock considering the apps were made for a 10" screen in the first place.

    As far as being compared to the iPad 2 - I definitely think that the retina display alone makes the upgrade worthy. It makes reading anything much more comfortable and just looks downright incredible.
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    No I would not because the iPad mini is vastly superior.
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    The iPad 4 is way more future-compatible than previous iPads due to superior internals and the lightning connector. However, unless you're playing the most recent games and other demanding software, an iPad 3 might be better. Cheaper, certainly.

    Much better than a mini because it seems likely given Apple's previous iPad record that the iPad mini will get a retina display in the next update.
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    No way will the 6 be better than the 7. I'd just stay with the 2 till the 7 come out.
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    the 7 will be heavier than the 6 wait for the 8th the issues should be resolved by then.
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    Go for it, it's a superb piece of tech, the iPad4. The display is incredible, and the hardware under the hood is ready for anything you throw at it.
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    But we are not talking a year till the 5 comes out. He has an iPad 2 already and the world wont end if he doesn't have a retina display, So why waste a lot of money now when the next version is not that far away.

    Some people on here always need to have the latest and greatest. That just means their is something missing in another part of their life.

    The iPad 2 is great, enjoy it until the 5 is out. Then enjoy that till the iPad 7 or 8 :)
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    You don't know how long he will live. Cat could be dead before the next ipad come out. Gotta live for today because tomorrow isn't promised. Enjoy the great screen on the ipad 4 while you know you can. It's crazy to keep waiting for the next new toy.
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    But iPad 9 will be way better. I'd wait for iPad 9 with 10800X19200 display.
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    If he's dead then a retina display is the least of his problem ;)

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