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would you like this for your mini?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by kingcrowing, Mar 16, 2005.

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    probably? come on it definately is, avail. April 1st? Steve Jobs not available for comment?

    haha its a waste and no one would want it as far as i can tell....
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    probably fake.... I don't think so, especially when you look at the release date... :D
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    :D :D :D
    That was a great article.
    :D :D :D

    I like the Applecare option!
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    *dies laughing* :D
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    it sounds sooooo improbable...

    why would they even think about 2 button's to do the job of one??

    and why would you want a desktop computer on battery?? just pay a little more and you get all of it + screen as iBook :-D

    why did they put the powerbutton on the back?? technicity & easthetics off course... now the front only has the slot in it & since all the connectors are on the back I guess its easier/cheaper to make that on the motherboard of this tiny computer...

    and don't tell me you can't reach the back of this tiny computer :p
    + button's on top?? not good if you make some stuff to put your monitor on top

    if they would make something like this they would fit it underneath add the button upfront & add a FW/USB hub kinda thing in there wouldn't they???

    we'll never see this as it is pictured on the site...

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    For those readers for whom English is not the first language, I think the American consensus is that this is a *JOKE*. :D
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    either they were trying really hard to make it seem like a joke and seem real at the same time or they just dont a very good imagination.
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    Worse yet, the power switch is inconveniently located on the back of the minuscule Mac. That's right - not on the front like Power Macs or CRT iMacs, not on the side like eMacs, and not on the top like the ill-fated Cube. You have to reach all the way around the 6.5" square computer to turn on the power.

    This is the funniest part of the story. The sad part is I read a magazine review that list the power button being in the back of the mini a con. Yeah ok, having to reach all the way around the 6.5" square computer to turn on the power is a real pain in the ass. :rolleyes:
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    That's part of the joke...
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    Anonymous Freak

    It *IS* fake...

    That column on LEM is a spoof rumor column. Look at the archives for it. (It's 'The Rumor Mill', by 'Anne Onymous'.)

    It is as fake as fake can get. Yeah, they try to give a good convincing fake once in a while, but the majority of the rumors are obvious fakes.
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    yes English might not be my first language (american english that is, because I know Monty Python English allready for a long time, thats why my MacOS isn't and never has been in Dutch, only in English) and I knew this is a joke, but I wanted to write my comment for those who didn't saw the joke and would still think about it as real, thus telling them Why this will never happen...

    PS: for what its worth (nukes now started to pbe pointed on my house too because GWB will think I'm a terrorist too?) you americans re-elected mr Bush... please tell me this is a joke :d
    PPS: its not that I dislike americans... I dislike it when their president wants to play sherrif over the world & think he has the solution for everything...
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    Even if the obvious sarcasm of the article didn't clue you in, the "release date" is april first aka april fools day. It wasn't even that funny though.
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    Hey. The edit button is gone. Where did it go?

    Edit: Hmm. It's back now. It's playing games with my mind!! Curse you edit button!
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    Exactly, it gets minus 5 points from me, they were not even being creative in any way.
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    It's a decent joke. It wasn't really funny or convincing at all, however.
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    If I had a mini, I probably wouldn't get that, unless I was like going over to a friends house who had a monitor I could use... That's neat, but I think its a fake.
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    I've been hoping it's a bad dream, actually, but no luck so far. :(
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    That point is not in contention! It IS fake!!

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