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Would you pull the trigger on the Dell Adamo Admire w/256 SSD for $999!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Bobjob186, Jan 29, 2010.


Tempted on the Adamo?

  1. Heck YA! This is a great deal.

    13 vote(s)
  2. Eh, decent deal, but it's still a dell.

    28 vote(s)
  3. This just means the next air will be much cheaper

    10 vote(s)
  4. HECK NO! OS X or nothing.

    38 vote(s)
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    I'm sure you've all seen it on the deal websites, but Dell is selling the Adamo Admire with a 1.4GHZ Core2Duo and a 256 samsung 1.8" SSD for $999 brand new. It only has 2GB of ram, however I feel like it's a deal and half for $999. The SSD alone sells for $649 on dells website.

    So I ask you the question, are you tempted to buy it?

    Link to the computer.
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    on the 1.2GHZ version in WorldBench 6, the Dell Adamo (Admire) received a measly score of 40.
    I don't know how much of an improvement the 1.4 is, but i rather get a white MB w/out the SSD
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    Same here it seems underpowered compared to the air but maybe a discount for the air?
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    i don't think the discount is worth it when your realize that you can't do much on this machine (IMO of course), plus with the amount of junk that runs in the background of windows, forget about it! If i did this i'd probobly resell this on craiglist at a loss.
    You can get a refurbished MBA for a few hundred beans more.
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    Just because it appears cheap doesn't mean its a good deal

    It looks like a great "deal" on paper (like many PCs) but specs are not everything and is a low price worth the performance, quality, support, and design package it comes with.

    Lots of folks buy PC's based on the price and specs but MAC folks tend to by for productivity and user experience. That why PC folks call MAC's overpriced status symbols and MAC folks call PC's exercises in unreliable frustration.

    Neither one is right or wrong. Its just where you place your value. Me, I'll spend the extra money on a MBA but thats not the right choice for everyone.
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    I actually had a thread all ready to post here, and it focused on all of the competing ultraportables including this $999 Adamo. I decided the article wasted too much of my time, and I decided to use it for another project. However, the point of my post here is to say there are MANY ultraportables that really compete well against the MBA. There are ultraportables that are thinner, weigh less, use smaller footprint, have better components, have more drive space, benefit Windows 7, and most of these cost far less than the MacBook Air.

    This Adamo is actually quite beautiful, and for $999 includes DOUBLE the SSD space of the high-end $1799 MBA. Windows 7 isn't what Vista was either... I have found Windows 7 to be a really solid OS that provides a user interface comparable to OS X. The thing with Windows 7 is it also has far greater application compatibility than OS X, and that can be extremely beneficial. Adamo is thinner at its thickest points than the MBA, but it doesn't have a smaller footprint and feels different than the MBA (in a negative way). I also don't believe the display is nearly as nice as the display on the MBA. But for more money, the Adamo ships with the same C2D SL9600 as the MBA.

    I don't know about anyone else, but I sure hope Apple decides to have the MBA compete better with the high-end ultraportables on the market. Sony, Lenovo, HP, and others have high-end ultraportables with incredible specs compared to the MBA. And this is the most important focus of the MBA - it's capable of being a primary Mac for users who don't need a professional grade computer. Competitors are offering better CPUs, dedicated graphics, double the drive space in SSD, double and quadruple the RAM, and it all adds up to much more capable ultraportables. The key to the MBA's success was that it was more powerful and provided more capabilities during the first year... since then, the others vendors have stepped up to the plate with incredible ultraportables.

    For now, I believe $999 for the Adamo is a better value than the MBA provides new for $1499 to $1799. Come on Apple, the pressure is on!
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    I like Windows 7 alot, but when using it on my MBA via bootcamp, it's been much slower than Snow Leopard from day one. This is based solely on my own experience of course.

    I know alot of people probably see a 256GB SSD and see that as a great deal, but really, how good is the SSD the Adamo uses anyway? Not all SSD's are created equal. From one of the Adamo Admire video reviews I saw in the past I remember the guy saying how it took the Adamo 50 seconds to bootup, which is kind of crappy for a SSD.
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    If I were in the market for something like a Macbook Air and I didn't have any sort of OS X software investment I would be more than happy with that machine. It's not drastically underpowered for its type, and with an SSD you really wouldn't notice any lag in the few programs one would likely run (browser, iTunes, mail, etc).
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    There's the Vostro V13 even lower down. :eek:
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    Actually, you are incorrect. If you look at the website closely only the more expensive $1799 model comes with 256GB SSD, while the $999 one comes with 128GB. So while there is a difference and you do get more SSD for your money with Adamo the difference isn't as dramatic.

    Personally I trust Apple more than Dell qualitywise. Recently I purchased a Dell Zino with upgraded CPU and videocard. When I took it apart to put in some of my own upgrades I realized one of the screws on the videocard's heatsink wasn't screwed all the way in. If I didn't notice this in advance, there is a good chance I'd have videocard overheating issues down the road. Imho, that kind of assembly is unacceptable. There were a few other annoying design flaws such as somewhat shaky case with thin plastic walls and more. Yes, this machine is cheaper and is suited better for my needs than a Mini. It's also far easier to upgrade. But amazingly quality Dell isn't renown for and in my book they won't be any time soon. Oh, did I mention Dell delayed my order twice? I bought this machine on Black Friday 2009 and received it only Jan 5, 2010.
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    No.. it comes with 256GB. But you get a slower 1.4GHz CPU with a crippled 3MB L2 Cache instead of 6MB (The SL models should have 6MB L2 Cache...). The 2.1GHz models are also crippled with 3MB L2 Cache for some reason. I have the same processor, SL9600 with 6MB L2 Cache and 30MHz faster?


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    Looks like you're right. What threw me off was that when you click on "product details" button it gives you a breakdown between 2 models where cheaper one has 128GB and the expensive one has 256GB. However, it appears that it is possible to add this to cart as it is with 256GB for $999 so it looks like I was incorrect. My bad. I'd fix my original post but you're quoting me so it makes no sense.

    Neverthelessl, I'd buy a used Air over a new Dell any day.
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    I would. Then I would proceed to remove the 256GB drive and install it in the Air since they are about 600 dollars or so.
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    Are they using the uncommon LIF cable and such?
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    Don't tell me I am incorrect without checking yourself. It doesn't list it in the advertisement, but if you go in and select it in the cart it will show you not only a 256GB SSD but also Windows 7. All that for $999. What the heck is going on here. I am being sabotaged by people all over MR as people just have to be correct and prove others wrong.

    How about an f'n apology!
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    Will not fit in an MBA. Nice try!
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    Scottsdale, it is a nice shiny new unit, but its performance is on par with a netbook (the 1.4ghz cripples it).
    There is no way that it can act as a temporary desktop replacement when needed, unlike the MBA, which as you have pointed out rungs great with the Cinema display.

    however, the boot up in this video is not bad

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    Does anyone know if this will play standard definition iTunes video without any hiccups? It does seem like a good deal for the parts you get.
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    Totally tempted by the Adamo range and utterly fed up of waiting for Apple to update the Air.

    If we in the UK had pricing anywhere near the US I would probably have done it by now (it is cheaper for me to fly from London to New York, buy the top of the range Adamo there, stay and night and fly back than it is to buy it here).

    For $1799, you get the 4GB RAM, 256GB SSD and a 2.1GHz processor. Couple that with a non-proprietry monitor socket, an e-sata port, integrated 3G, 3 USB ports and gigabit networking. That is pretty cool.

    Come on Apple - give us something with those kind of specs!
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    Find me a netbook that runs on Core 2 Duo, yes really. A 1.4 GHz Core 2 is still a Core 2 as much as it pains you.
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    It depends. I do not completely agree nor disagree. If I had to use a 1.4GHz PC with an Intel HD IGP, I would definitely select Windows 7 as my OS. Windows simply requires less processing performance to relay the same user experience as in OS X.

    I have noticed in my own 2.13 MBA w/Runcore; I get a much better system performance in regards to Flash, video playback, and especially HD video playback when I am using Windows 7 in Boot Camp than in OS X Snow Leopard. Remember when you're selecting a system that the OS you're going to use defines the component makeup required for a certain level of performance.
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    The one screwed up is Dell, they listed 128GB SSD for $999, then when you configure it, the 128 turned to 256. SWEET. but conflicted info, nonetheless.

    I have a feeling Dell screwed up on the 256GB offer for $999. They probably mean 128GB for $999. As someone else pointed out in previous posts, 256GB SSD alone, is over $600. This isn't the first time Dell screws up on online offers.

    If you're borderline to jump on the Adamo, NOW!!! is the time. They will honor the 128GB-256GB screw up, if indeed its a screw up.

    One hell of deal if you ask me.

    Adamo (under Business tab) is 256Gb-SSD for $999.
    Adamo (under Home tab) is 128GB-SSD for same price of $999
    Looks like Dell is set out to screw Home users, Or really love the "business" folks.

    Something isn't right.
    Just pulled the trigger on the 256SSD version.
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    The more I crunch the numbers and the specs the more I convince myself that this is a damn good deal. Like scottsdale said, Windows 7 is miles better than Vista. It's more like OS X than I would like to admit, but I use it a lot and I never leave the experience unhappy. With XP and Vista it was always huge drag, but 7 is up to par to OS X and that makes me keep looking at this machine as a worthy machine. Anyone know how decent the battery life is? Better than the air?
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    I have an MBA, a MBP 13, and a Dell notebook among my collection. I don't see myself buying a Dell notebook again, no matter the price, for one simple reason; The trackpads just sucks on these things. My Dell is fine when I bring my mouse along, but it's annoying having to bring an extra peripheral when travelling. Windows 7 is fine on it though.

    For $999 a refurb Macbook or MBP is a much better deal unless you're buying the Adamo just to sell off the parts (that 256 gig SSD is worth quite a lot).
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    I think its best to wait for the Air update.

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