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Wouldn't Mind a Mac with this Intel

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jimsowden, Jun 8, 2005.

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    I agree, go the simpson quote to. Nothing truer could be said
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    That would be SWEET :) So the box would see it as 2 - 3.2GHz chips :confused: Imagine what will be available for the new Power Mac's by 2007 :p I'd be interested to see what the Photoshop'ers could come up with for a new case design. The inside of the new Intel Dev boxes sure look empty.
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    People are so fickle. Nobody would have said that 2 weeks ago; it's now suddenly... 'Oh, Intel aren't all that bad... in fact, I rather like them'.

    Got to hand it to SJ. He could sell f***ing iPods to Tommy.
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    I bet he already did... ;)
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    Well, I've been waiting and wondering when this would happen for a long time. I was hoping for it actually, but not for Apple to keep control of manufacturing. The way this is playing out, it won't really have an effect on market share except maybe a negative one IMHO. OTOH If Apple licensed OS X to HP or Sony and allowed them to crank out Mac clones - world domination wouldn't be far behind. Everyone is stuck on the 'Apple is a hardware company' gig. Yeah, they do good hardware, but the killer product they have is OS X - not the iPod :cool:
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    I couldn't agree anymore. I love how before Monday a lot of people were saying that Jobs would never switch to x86 but now that he has everyone thinks it's a brilliant idea. It's obvious how much of an affect Jobs has on Apple.
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    Benchmarks on this processor are disappointing. It is easily out-performed in most tasks by the faster clocked single core Pentiums. Not to mention it runs very hot and, unlike the graph Jobs showed in the keynote, has a very poor performance per watt ratio.

    In most cases, the Dual 2.7GHz will not have a problem besting this particular Pentium. But, this is no where near the processor that will appear in Macs in 2006-2007. Check the benchmark results of the Pentium-M overclocked to 2.5GHz and see how it beats ClawHammer and NetBurst in every game and office application.
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    What is ClawHammer and NetBurst? Sorry im not up-to-date on some of this stuff.
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    The reason OS X is their killer product, is because they control the hardware that it runs on. Less things to support, less things to go wrong, etc.

    Microsoft should actually blame their problems on IBM for allowing the "100% IBM Compatible" machines to exist in the first place.

    Funny how once upon a time Mac users poured scorn on anything "100% IBM Compatible", now many of them are begging for Apple to go back to IBM, how short our memories can be ;)
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    I disagree. NeXTSTEP kicked ass and was YEARS ahead of anything else and ran on a ton of different PC configurations. There was just no application software. Not sure why. All I know is, today OS X has what it needs to get by on it's own.
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    NeXTSTEP was indeed amazing, I think the lack of applications was because they had a very small installed base, and developers need to make their money from sales of software, which is very hard to do if ther are very few people who will even want your app, so the wrote for Windows and Mac instead :(
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    That would be real cool.......well lets see them in Dual config :rolleyes:

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