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Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by merc669, Apr 9, 2007.

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    I have just started out recently playing WOW and am now part of a group that uses "Teamspeak". What Clients if any are available for the MAC that I can run on my Intel MBP? Thanks!!

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    Beta Mac client here.
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    Yea, that's what I used when playin SC.
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    Thanks Much Gloss and SamIchi! Downloaded and it works pretty good on WOW.

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    Teamspeex is one of favourite apps! works so well especially with the universal version. So simple and fast, much better than the official windows TS clients, but then again most things on mac are better :)
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    Does anyone know if there are any clients for Ventrilo?
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    It's the exact same client. You simply have to get whoever runs your server to change the codex to Speex. It's really easy for them to do, as long as they have shell access. There's no other way to get Ventrilo to work on Macs, sadly.

    EDIT: Bah, sorry about that. I'm home sick and haven't installed Vent in a while. The poster below me is correct; however, you still need to have the server set to the Speex codec.
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    Ventrillo Mac

    Try here for Mac Ventrillo:


    there is a beta version.
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    I had to quit a guild because the person running the Vent server couldn't/wouldn't change the codec to Speex... even after I posted the instructions in chat. Since it was required for raiding, I had to find a better guild. My current guild had it set up before I got there.:)
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    Yeah I had the same problems, when I was playing WoW, with guilds who couldn't/wouldn't change the codecs. Quite frustrating!

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