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WOW! Check out THIS display!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by D*I*S_Frontman, Dec 16, 2002.

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    Anyone who has been lusting after the Apple 23" HD display should check out this Sony 24" 16:10 Trinitron monitor:

    SONY monster

    No, it isn't 2 inches thick, and yes, it does weigh 92 lbs. But if you want HD resolution and CRT color accuracy from a SONY Trinitron quality screen, this is it.

    Oh, and you can buy TWO of them for the price of one Apple 23" HD display--yikes!!

    Has anyone out there seen or used one? It ships with an Apple adapter. What do you think?
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    Mr. Anderson

    And you have to have a pretty large and sturdy desk to hold those two monitors. At 92 pounds thats a little much I think. You'd be better off with something a little smaller or a pair of the 20" Formac LCDs, they look better, weigh less and still get more realestate than a single 23" Apple LCD.

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    It's a CRT!??? That thing has got to put out a lot of radiation! I wouldn't use it for either the fear that I'd go blind or get brain cancer!
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    for that price i'd rather get the formac 2010

    It may not have quite as much viewable as the 24 inch sony(22inches vs 20inches)but it doesn't weigh 92lbs and take up a whole desk....
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    The pdf shows Quark running in OS 9 (of course) - how appropriate! Continue using yesterday's software on yesterday's tech! Actually, we use some Sony 22" monitors here at work (I'm sure this new 24" is better in every way). They're OK, but nothing to drool over. In terms of CRTs, our La Cie Electron Blue IIIs are much better in terms of colour saturation and sharpness. Can't wait for 20"+ HD LCDs to be affordable to mere mortals...
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    I have an old 17" NEC Multiscan atop my antique powerMac 6100/66 and it weighs quite a bit -- and it causes a small sag in the particle-board desk, so I moved the system to the left side.

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    Lets not overlook this 24.1'' LCD monitor from Sun. Sure its a full inch bigger and only uses the same resolution as the 23'' cinema display so the quality isnt AS good. But its pretty awesome looking. Unfortunately, it also costs $4500
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    Re: WOW! Check out THIS display!

    For anyone 'lusting' after a CD would be best served NOT to look at this ugly, hideous huge, heavy monitor. Some don't realize, the style and appearence also make the CD very attractive and something as apalling as the Sony monitor is not even a possibility.
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    Re: WOW! Check out THIS display!

    From the Sony desciption: "HiDensity™ Electron Gun with Enhanced ..." Gonad protectors and Sunblock SPF 400 sold separately...

    Look at me I'm saying HiDensity™

    Sue me.

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    Or if your really feeling "adventurous" you could get one of these
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    I saw something like a 50 or 60-something inch plasma TV in my local Best Buy ad for $11,000. Now that's the shiznat...
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