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WoW - Mac Pro with ATI X1900 XT - issue

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Willis, Sep 11, 2008.

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    Ok, as the title suggests, fired up WoW after a few months not playing... installed the patches... but when I play, the graphics are all... wrong? images not in places, blank layouts and trees stretching to my characters head.

    it eases a little then just flickers for while before a full system lock up after 15 mins.

    Any suggestions?
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    it might just be a patch glitch. i saw some videos on youtube where you can see through characters and a the environment looks like a bunch of colors and scribbles. so try reinstalling? i don't think its a graphics card problem.
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    Hmm.. well on my Macbook, it seems to play fine. Hense why I ruled out the patch glitch, but then it could be a patch issue with the 1900XT

  4. KKS
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    Is the ATI card overheating? Does your mac pro sound like the fans are on full? If so try cleaning the graphics card.

    I have a mac pro with an ATI X1900 XT and I find that I have to regularly clean out the air intake on the card. The air intake gets clogged up with dust ever few months which can cause problems with a noisy mac pro and overheating.

    Hope this helps.
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    I quite like this idea... however it does everything else fine and when you boot up the sims 2... no problem.. might just give it ago anyway
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    well I installed burning crusade and it seems to be working fine... extremely bizarre.

    Also, currently downloading a 990mb 2.4.3 to 3.0.... WHAT?!

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