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Discussion in 'Games' started by Patmian212, May 21, 2006.

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    Hey all,
    Im a level 25 dwarf paladin. I took up mining and blacksmithing at level 5 and by level 15 I was stoked, I had reached journeyman and all. I was also wearing the armour I made, which was AWESOME for that level! But now im level 25(106 mining, 97 smithing) and I cant make anything usefull for myself, I have also noticed it is getting REALLY hard to rise my skill level and It doesnt look like I can make anything usefull for myself for a while. Not to mention I am rising my character level much faster then my kill level(proportional of course). Another thing I noticed is that in all the areas I am, Im still only finding copper and tin(redridge, duskwood, ashenvale). My question is, should I drop smithing and take up enchanting?
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    thats just a slow period, keep on the lookout for tin and silver as they are the only things that give you mineing exp, whatever level you are it's a slow bit to get trough till you can mine iron and make good stuff again.
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    Where can I find silver?
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    it spawns randomly over tin nodes.
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    Getting to 300 Mining won't be much of a problem for you, don't worry about it. Soon enough you will inevitably be in the right zones to find skillup nodes. As for being able to use your own made items yeah, don't count on using a lot, although there's definitely some you will use along the way. At the least, figure out which items have the best cost ratio as far as getting the materials and selling them and hit the auction house. You can make a lot of money there and have enough to buy whatever items you want there so you don't need to rely on what you can make (although it's always nice to wear your own stuff when possible). Raw ore sells pretty well too, when you're done skilling up on it for smelting.

    You should know that getting to the highest levels of Blacksmithing with the advanced recipes is a very expensive and/or time-consuming process. Enchanting is no cake-walk either, unless you like destroying every colored item you and your friends get.
    That's just the way it is, levels 1-20 go by very fast, 20-30 a little slower and by 40 you will notice a big slowdown in your advancement. I personally find about 47-55 to be the most painful stretch. And it's even worse as a paladin if you mostly solo, because although you have high survivability, you can't kill very fast. Get used to having the lowest DPS in the game. :( Having said that, I have my own 60 dwarf paladin miner/blacksmith, and it was a fun experience.
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    Hi. Level 60 Dwarf Pally w/ 300 Mining and Blacksmithing (Hammersmith).

    My recommendation? Delete your character now. You'll thank me later. :)

    Seriously, the pally is perhaps the most boring class in the game. It's awesome until level 40, then becomes so tedius. It's great if you've never played another class in the game; you've no idea how weak you are. By 60 you're nothing more than a heal/buff bot, unless to run Strat Dead 100% of the time.

    Regarding blacksmithing, it's a huge timesink. Worst tradeskill I've ever used on any character. You'll never be able to make any items proportionally of any worth to you (or other characters, really) until you hit 300. Then you'll have to buy these ultra-rare recepies that require ultra-rare items just so you can make one axe. You can't look at blacksmithing as a "cheap" way to outfit your character; tradeskills don't work that way.

    Not useless, but time consuming and very expensive. You're on the same path that I took starting out in WoW and it was only after wasting half a year that I figured out how fun this game really can be.

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