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Discussion in 'Games' started by bokdol, May 19, 2006.

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    ok so i finished the childrens week quest.. so now i want to know what is the best pet to choose from. the rat, the pig, or the turtle. so if anyone has any opinions please put them up.. thanks:D
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    Go for the Turtle, they taste much better :eek:
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    i dont know... i love me some bacon
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    The Red Wolf

    I love piggies! I love them so much!

    Okay, the turtle would have been cool if it didn't go at mach 7. I don't want a rat, despite it being cool. So I chose the piggy, as invader's blood marches through my veins like atomic rubber pants. Fear the pants! The pig, belongs to all mankind! Zim, don't use the time matrix, love Zim!


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    i heard that the rat plays around with cats if your a hunter. but i am not so i guess it's either the pig or turtle
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    When I first saw the pig, I found it so cute that I asked the owner where he got it from. As the pig was the only reason I did this quest, it was obvious that I took it. And after seeing the other pets, I think I made the right decision.
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    Spanky Deluxe

    I chose the pig although I wish I'd taken the money now!! Its just worthless bit of inventory that basically does nothing. Once you've used it a couple of times it gets kind of old. Didn't know about the rat/hunter thing. Should have chosen a rat if anything!! Stupid pig just looks fat.
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    Ahem. Someone got your joke at least. [See avatar for more information].
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    They're vanity pets; there is no "best" pet.

    Do we really have to min-max everything in WoW?
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    i know that these pets are pretty much useless but i am writing this to see/ gauge what people think. i am teetering between the turtle and pig. what i mean by best is not function but what people like.. and i wanted other peoples opinions on that. thanks though.
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    Take the money. :D
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    haha.. dont need the money

    i have a crapload:D
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    I did this with my new alt so I took the money. I didn't want to use up an extra space and spent the money on skillz. :D
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    What level are these quests?
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    Sereiously though. I wish I knew how old your kids are b/c I might have different things to say, but w/o that bit of info...

    The three listed above do not qualify as pets to me b/c none of them are domesticated. i.e. meant to live w/ people. Rats & Turles do not like people. They have zero desire to be around us. In fact they are TERRIFIED of humans generally. Of the three only the pig is capable of having any meaningful interaction with a human. Piglets are cute and playful, but smell terrible, and are expensive to maintain. Pigs must live in a seperate enclosure from the house & few sub-urban Vets (even one who specializes in exotic animals) have much experience w/ them. -- if you live in a rural area the vet bit may not apply -- Lastly, there is hygene to consider. While pigs are not nearly the dirty animals most ppl think them to be, they can and do carry diseases. I don't think a pig is at all likely to get your kids emergency room sick, but probably lots of colds & sniffles.

    So again, I go w/ Dog. But really, I'd talk to a Vet tech or a Vet (if possible) about a good pet for kids.
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    Mate, you missed the point, this is a game discussion, these pets are virtual...:D
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    DOH! Still more evidence that I am less intelligent than my dog.
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    lol still funny though Boggle. :D
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    they started at 10 but i think childrens week is over. i cant start it with my other character. oh well.

    boggle that made my day
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    Spanky Deluxe

    Hahaha, that made me laugh so so much. The fact that it was serious is simply priceless. BTW some people have been known to keep pigs as pets, in the house and they are in fact very clean animals. Seriously.

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