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Discussion in 'Games' started by thebiggoose, Oct 22, 2006.

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    I got a wow trial key off of fileplant and dled teh game...but when creating an accoutn it says I need a credit card....but I'm only 15 I ahve I really need a credit card?
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    For the trial? I didn't think so. Maybe what you have is an actual game code, in which case yes, you need a credit or debit card so Blizzard can start billing you once the free trial is over.

    Awesome game, worth buying, not acquiring :p
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    i don't know what's going on...but I did the create account thing up until it said eneter a credit card...then I closed my browser window and opened WoW and enetered the name and pass I just said authenticating for a second and now it's downloading the patch (460 megs) so I THINK IT WORKED!!!!:)
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    I'm not actually sure if the details have to be correct to download patches, but good luck.
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    yu were right....after dling and installign teh patches it told me my information wasnt correct...but it is telling me i need a credit card
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    You'll need a parent or guardian to get you going :)

    Better start thinking of convincing arguments as to why you need WoW ;)
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    u must have a credit card to play even the trail.
    u will not be charged. after the trial, u will just be able to log in until you buy the retail version (which comes with more 'free' time) and then after that, you will be charged.

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