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Wow Unbelieveable! PT, you space hogg!! (>_<)

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by UltraNEO*, Nov 1, 2009.

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    For the time I've been using PT8 LE, I've never notice how big the application folder gets when you have a few plug-ins installed... Jesus, is this right??? :eek:


    What's the size of your ProTools folder, people??
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    My Digidesign folder is 3.7GB. What have you got in there? PT is relatively small...
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    Are you sure you haven't accidentally allocated audio files there?
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    Hmmm... No audio files, just a few choice plug-ins.
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    Which ones? It's not Pro Tools' fault.

    You must have some serious sample-libraries in there.
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    Hmm... Let me see.
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    other than the factory stuff and various tools, there's also...

    MOR - lib: 20GB
    Strike - lib: 7GB
    Structure - lib: 16GB
    Golaith - lib: 45GB

    :eek: Holy mother of gwad, that's a lot of space!

    Really? OK, Is it possible to relocate all additional plug-ins to a faster drive, without reinstalling PT or the plug-ins? ideally my RAID? I notice some of the plug-in have content location utilities but not all, the above spave chewing plug-ins don't and I can't install them anywhere else other than in the system drive :eek: Now the system drive is a little too full, MacOS seems to be visiting the beach occasionally!:(:(
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    How did you install the EastWest stuff? Because it prompts you to choose an installation directory for all the samples.
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    Eh? does it? Umm.. if i remember correctly, when it finished installing the plug-in and first disk, a window appears and informs me to copy the sample libs to xxx folder for the remaining disks. :eek: Did i miss something?
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    Yeah, there should be a way to do that, sample libraries are best running from a dedicated drive, not running from the system-drive. The developers wouldn't make it so that you couldn't do that.
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    Let me go try... think I'll need to reinstall them.
    BTW, how I uninstall the plug-in? Is there a script? :rolleyes:
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    You might not have to uninstall and reinstall...there could be a function to relocate the sample libraries...I'm not familiar with those specific ones though.
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    Are you using PLAY or Kontakt?

    Either way, there are options to choose where you get your libraries from. On Play its on the bottom left somewhere, and with Kontakt, it is just a file browser on the left that you can point to your new sample library location. Just drag the library folder (EW stuff usually has 2 folders: an Instruments folder and a Samples folder) to somewhere else, and point your Kontakt player or PLAY to the new location. Good luck!

    (P.S. It's not the plug in thats taking up so much space. The plug-in is just the software that you open within a DAW that plays the sample library. It's the sample library itself that's taking up so much space.)

    EDIT: Here's a screenshot of each.

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