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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by jamesfowler2k, Jun 16, 2004.

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    Yep good fun it wasnt lol. i been on macs since jan, i brought a pc to sell it at a profit but couldnt help myself to load it up! WOW how crap does XP seem now! TBH it was faster on the net yeh BUT. wow i got about 1000 messages asking me if i wanted viagra and so on lol. Anyway after about 5 hours of messing i though end of good bye and it made me realise OSx is fantas****INGtastic lol in fa ct i have to have a drink cause im depresed cause of it lol peace
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    Haha, I agree. My parents have an HP running Windows XP Home, and whenever I use it, I'm like "Jeez they don't know what they're missing!"

    XP seems so buggy, and they have all this crappy software that came with the computer cluttering their desktop. Not to mention all the annoying things in the system tray that WON'T GO AWAY :mad:
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    mad isnt it. I am so glad now. one thing i know tho is i i need a faster CPU in this maci need a 1.5ghz+ really so i spose a 1.6G5 would rip me to peices lol
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    Right click the start menu...

    taskbar (tab)

    you'll figure out the rest
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    Haha its strange how quickly you forget things, my brain just cant help hitting alt or windows key for shortcuts when I have to use a university PC.

    Its seems it is generally the hardware that tempts people to apple but its the OS that keep them there.
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    Once you go Mac, you don't go back...willingly.
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    I hope so, I'll be an official Mac user on or before 6/23! :p Anyways I used it before and fell in love... :eek:
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    Life is harsh, why should a computer be too?

    Keep it simple, and let it do what it's supposed to do... instead of flooding us with virii and spywares...

    Long live OS X!

    Long live Apple!

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    its scarey how i forgot how good this all was. i kept going for F10 and expose on my windows keyb lol and i kept shuting things down. never go back now this w as a wake up call :>
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    LOL, you Mac fanatics are hilarious. I can't imagine how you'll kill yourselves the day Apple goes bottom up.
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    Get a Mac... You'll see...

    Apple will never go down... If they do, who will create new standards? Who will design new interfaces? Who will USE new hardware?

    Get real... Without Apple, PC would be stuck with a rock hard keyboard typing amber text on a black background. Yeah!! i can do BBS!! Remember those days?? We tought we were cool talking in the BBS news... While Apple computers were alrealy image and audio editing with a MOUSE!! they could delete file by dragging to the trash!! Oh, wait, it's true, M$ invented the trash... they were also the first to use the mouse... and they created the first graphical interface. No, Xerox didn't do that, M$ did it in 1955 using pen and paper.

    Common, without Apple to break the standards, we'd be stuck as in Apple's 1984 Ad.

    Get a life, Get a Mac!!
    (I'm not aiming at Fuzzyballz, i'm saying that out loud) ;-)

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    All I know is whenever I use a PC to play warcraft I keep getting pop ups during my games which cause me to lag out and lose:( I mean does Windows messenger honestly need to remind me of everything every 20 minutes. Whats even worse is that spammers have figured out how to use the windows messenger so I get retarded ads!!! Man am glad I play games on a Mac:)
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    Sun Baked

    Hopefully by then Amiga is finally past this latest bankruptcy (filed 12-18mos. ago) that is holding up release of the AmigaOS 4.0 (aka, the PPC edition).

    They've got a company that bought the OS, KMOS -- but they've got to put everything back together again, aka the AmigaOne Hardware.

    Though with the OS Beta available, who knows.


    At least the Apple fanatics actually have had new hardware (at least yearly) and software to play with instead of their fantasies the BeOS and Amiga folks have been living with for years.
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    lol, I'd like to see it. If they can't go belly up after System7 and the Newton, I really don't think they can.

    And I'm going to say we wouldn't have a GUI today (or we'd have a 1992 GUI at best) if it weren't for Apple. Xerox was ready to throw out the GUI because it wasn't selling. Apple said "Sell it to us and we'll see what we can do." And they did invent copy+paste and drag and drop.

    Oh yeah, if Apple did explode from the face of the earth I'd use my Mac as long as I could, then I'd get Windows and then spend 4 hours tweaking it and not run it on the internet. For internet browsing I'd have to get a linux/freeBSD box because the Internet rapes Windows.
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    Dude, people would be screaming 'troll alert' if what you just said made any sense :rolleyes:

    Anyway, I have this problem on the last remaining home PC sometimes, and all the time at work - I keep moving my mouse to the corners of the screen to get Expose happening - ah, the small things... :p
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    Too long people have been predicting Apple's death.
    Relax, it'll be a long time before they go "belly up."
    Only time will tell how long.
    Life without my Mac would suck.
    Lighten up, Fuzzy.
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    Ummmm........ I believe that Fuzzyballz tongue was planted firmly in cheek.
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    Despite all the bad things about PC's there is one thing that I will always give them credit for. If it wasn't for ****ty PC's I might not even be on a Mac now. Where i work we do tech work now and then, and oh man after seeing all the crap and having sunk about 6 hours into a POS PC of one of our clients computer it finally made me want to look for something different.

    At the time I was looking for my first Laptop. If it wasn't for all the stress I think i might have just looked at PC laptops at the time. Now 18 months later i still have my iBook and love it, and I replaced my "l33t" self-built gaming PC with a badass G5. :D
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    Its still better than the case if M$ goes down. Even windows users would be celebrating. Ofcorse its only as unlikely as Apple going down.
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    Actually, Apple could never go under. :D If they did, Microsoft would then be considered a monopoly and be split up. :D :D Unless of course linux was making a much bigger impact by then.
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    What's that supposed to mean?
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    Rustus Maximus

    Most will probably just use one of those cool Alienware boxes to smack themselves over the head. I personally will just watch Steven A. Ballmer in that dancing\screaming video until I start foaming at the mouth... :D

    (edited to add link to video): The Dance
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    yeah i got back home just a week ago and have to take care of the family pc :( its such a drag, i find myself trying to use hot corners and the command short cuts ever so often :)
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    Just as someone said: " Switch to Mac and never look back" ;)

    Imho, Alienware laptops aren't that bad, but they haven't got OS X so they aren't worth it..

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