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Wow! What a change!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by jknight8907, Jun 18, 2004.

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    After living on dial-up all winter, me and my laptop finally made it to summer work, where I am fortuned, no, blessed, with T1 internet!!!! :D Only problem is, it's serious denial when I get home to 38.6kbps.

    Cool. :cool: :cool: :cool: :D :D :D :cool: :cool: :cool:
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    i had 56k til about 2 years ago, when I started working at my current place, where we have a T3, then I went home and waited and waited for pages to load. Then I picked up a G4 and got Cable... after that I've never turned back, and you'd have to shoot me to get me back on dialup for any extended period of time. :)
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    Unfortunately, conisdering the extremely rural area I live in (or is it the stubborness of CenturyHel?) hi-speed isn't an option for me. Oh, well, mabey someday.
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    You could always get satellite, which now works with macs, directway I think its called.
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    Incredibly expensive and usually only one way(upload through the phone line). Plus i hear its prone to outages.
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    Satellite anything is terrible unless you live in an area where it doesn't rain. I live in Florida, and satellite television is worthless in the summer (our rainy season). From what I understand, there's not any difference between the signal sent for television and the signal sent for internet use, so it would be just as bad. If you live in the Mojave desert, no worries.
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    Well, I can get 2-way satellite through DirecTV, but my dad's VPN connection has fits with the lag time. We tried it on my grandparent's and it slows it down real bad when he's dialed in, and since he's paying for it...... :(
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    What do you guys called my internet connection (Comcast High-Speed Cable Internet, no satellite dish); LAN, 56K, DSL, T1 or T2 or T3??? :confused:

    They're whack, it wont hooked up with my macs, probably the modem box is too old (it has been sitting in the back of my computer table for a long time). So, My macs is just using Earthlink Dial-Up Connection..
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    I think it'd be considered LAN. Correct me if I'm wrong...

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    Be patient, the mans says
    I really hope this is something we all can work towards. :D

    Full Story
  11. Wes
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    Well LAN = Local Area Network so he is certainly not connect through that.

    Cable is of a similar (if slightly higher, depending on the circumstances) category as DSL. Most places have a category of DSL/Cable.

    A website that has the basic chart.


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    Your Cable Internet would be called whats known in the industry as um...Cable Internet. :)

    It's similar to DSL.

    56K - Dialup
    LAN = Local Area Network. Which you would have if you had a bunch of computers in your house connected via ethernet / wireless connection. And not necessarily connected to the internet at all.
    T1, T2, T3 - are higher speed connections, usually business grade and start at 1.5Mbs(T1) and cost hundreds of dollars/month.
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    T1-T3 and the OC types of connections also have MUCH higher upload rates than cable or dsl.
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    Yeah, mabey someday they'll have OC-3 for $9.99 a month!
  15. Wes
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    In 20 years my pen will have 3 times that amount of bandwidth.
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    Cable is not similar to DSL or vice versa. Unless by 'similar' you mean in the vaguest terms such as they're both broadband... which also makes it similar to a T1 or T3 or Fiber....

    This is somewhat misleading but on the right track.

    A T1 may not have a higher download speed than cable or dsl. I have dsl that is as fast downstream as a T1 and most cable connections exceed T1 speeds downstream as do some DSL lines. The beauty of a T1 is that it is synchronous and you'll get 1.5mbs down and 1.5 UP also. Fastest cable upload speeds i'm aware of is 1mbs up.

    T1-T3's are usually available to businesses but there are exceptions.
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    hm. that's strange. i have comcast cable internet and it runs just fine. all my computers are plugged into a router/hub/switch (dunno - a little linksys box) which is plugged into the cable modem. have you tried calling comcast or applecare? broadband is worth the trouble of fixing the connection. :)
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    I second this. I've used my powerbook with comcast both by plugging directly into the modem, and on home networks. Is you're mac set up properly for DHCP ? also keep in mind that usually if you unplug the cable modem from one computer and into another you'll have to power cycle the modem (unplug it for 30sec) so it can get a new IP from your provider.
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    I tried this with my Adelphia cable modem directly connected to a PowerMac G4 and connected to all computers through a router - it worked fine. However, you must use Ethernet to connect directly - USB modems often don't work with Macs or only work in Mac OS 9.

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