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wow "world of warcraft" heading to iphone

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by macfan881, Feb 10, 2007.

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    hey i found this link on ign out of all places speculating that iphone could have the killer app for games like steve said the key app for the phone was making calls but wow could possibly see life on iphone now it doesnt give much but still intriguing nontheless

    heres the link
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    where is my salt shaker?
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    I call BS on this one. The fees for the data and the drain on your battery would be unimaginable.
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    Now this is just stupid fanboi fantasizing....
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    It's probably on an ARM processor, and I bet it doesn't have a GPU. Bunch of malarkey.
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    I also have serious doubts about the validity of that as well...
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    although a cool surprise. i just dont see it happening
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    You know the WoW addicts will be playing while driving if this happens.
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    I would love it if it were true, and it's probably technically possible, but just so impractical and unlikely that I'd really be shocked to see it happen. I mean the buttons alone you'd need would take up the entire screen and then some (and would be too small to press with a finger), it's nuts, not to mention a chat pane (how are you gonna type fast enough?) and you know, the actual game itself. Nice thought but not gonna happen, go back to your PSP and DS now. I think Sudoku or Super Breakout is a bit more likely.
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    It has a "powerful" ARM processor and an onboard NVIDIA 3-D chip.
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    You know I was thinking about this a little overnight. I still think it's at best very, very unlikely to ever see WoW on an iPhone. However, what about this? A widget/iPhone app that allows you to log onto a character and not actually play the game, but to have access to the following:

    1. Chat channels
    2. Mail
    3. Bank
    4. Auction House
    5. A generic vendor/repairer
    6. Various panes such as trade skills, character screen, rep, etc.

    Restricting the app to these things would mean you'd need a limited amount of graphics and graphics processing power (basically item icons and some 2D interface UI). I guess you'd have to have your character parked in a capital city to access certain things, and maybe this special app would allow you access to bank, AH, and Mail without having to physically move between them. I'd love to be able to do Arcanite Bar transmutes from the airport, chat with my guildies, and check my auctions when I got off the plane :) As weird as this sounds, an app that gave me these things might actually get me to buy into an iPhone.
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    Now that is both reasonable and acheivable and a good idea.
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    Any chat channel, but [1: GENERAL] please.
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    And I thought the geekiest thing I have seen was WoW running off WINE, this beats it hands down.
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    iPhone may not have the processor and video power to run World of Warcraft, but :apple:TV does.....

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    The Stig

    That is the BIGGEST BULL I've ever heard.

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    quoted for truth. :)

    And there's NO possible way this could happen. The controls would take up the entire screen, the battery life would be awful, the graphical demands would be well beyond the iphone's capability, and actually trying to do anything more complicated than moving would be so awkward that you'd be dead in seconds if you actually tried to fight.
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    Why would anyone want to play WoW anyways? Very boring isn't it? ;)
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    To pretend it was dead serious:

    Neeh, it's fun. Even as a girl I'm quite into the game, especially the social aspects of it. It's like this massive internet chat, but you've got these little people to run around at the same time. 2nd Life i found rather boring though, that was too similar to real life, so it felt like you tried being someone online who you're not. An undead warlock alchemist you can only be in a fantasy world though, so you're not really walking the fine line between what's real and what's not :c)
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    It would be really impressive to secure World of Warcraft for the iphone. Somehow I'm just spectical.
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    I really really really doubt it...there are just to many problems

    1) Network speed
    2) iPhone Specs
    3) Controls
    4) Screen Space

    Simply put, WoW shouldn't come to the iPhone
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    this won't happen. ever.
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    now thats interesting, lets collect these iPhone as power micro computer rumors and check them back later in 6 months. Some ppl at that website just being very interesting.
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    have fun playin WoW in touch screen .. forget the keyboard shortcuts and multi-menus ..

    man its getting worse!!!
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    Not gonna happen but damn if it did...

    Edit: lets see if blizzard has anything to say.

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