WOW!!! you can use iFlicks for metatag and encode!!

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by aelalfy, Nov 15, 2010.

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    It turns out, that encoding on iflicks works on the new AppleTV. I never knew this or else I would have done that long ago. My previous method involved encoding my SD .avi files in handbrake and adding tags on iFlicks but I realized that setting iFlicks to "HD 720p" works great on the new AppleTv.

    The files become .mov instead of .mp4 as with handbrake but are EVEN smaller than the original, whereas with handbrake I had to go constant quality of 90% to retain quality and the file size was huge for no reason.

    I didn't know that was possible, how come many don't just do that?

    Thanks in advance
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    Having constant quality set to 90% is the reason for the huge file size.
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    Yes I'm aware of that, thanks for the reply though. If I put Constant quality to 60% I notice a very noticeable different. Whereas when I put the files on iFlicks it converts it perfectly and everything works. And the file size is EVEN smaller than the original and the conversion time is not bad, its 1.5x slower than handbrake.


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