Wozniak: MS now more innovative then Apple

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by flameproof, Nov 17, 2012.

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    Good ol' Woz. Keep stirring the pot, baby! :D
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    The real tech people are informed of who is doing what when it comes to innovation. Too many crap bloggers running their mouths like they are informed.

    I've never heard of the voice translation stuff, but I've seen some of things that Microsoft are doing with Kinect that does not involve video games and it is definitely innovative.

    I can relate to Woz. Just show me the new neat stuff. Who cares who made it.
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    Reality is that Microsoft has good ideas, AT THIS TIME. Can they keep it going and make progress? Remains to be seen. I'm not seeing the innovation from Apple right now. Microsoft is way ahead on touchscreen. Does Apple have a better jump coming? Who knows. If the future ends up being touch, yeah, Apple is way behind the curve.
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    I wouldn't say they are ahead on touchscreen. I find MS touchscreen products to be terribly blah.

    edit: I think that the big-wigs at apple will listen to Steve. His voice is heard much more than ours.
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    You are right about touchscreen. If you take into account Apple's experience with the iphone/ipad families, they have a far better experiential base with Touch. I was locked in thinking of laptop/desktop, where Apple has been reluctant to venture.

    What got me about the Woz blurb were the comments by the author about how SW was so comfortable in front of the camera, etc. Now I love Woz, but watching that video, the thought running through my head was not how comfortable he looked in front of the camera...
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    I think we're on the same page, my friend! I think Apple takes less risks in the computer market, that's for sure. But even if they never "innovated" and just continuned pumping out retina display laptops that got lighter, and thinner, and used OSX, I'd still stick with Apple. I love knowing that my computer, even if it does get messed up and the drive needs to be erased, it's easy to do. Additionally, it's nice to have somewhere to go (retail stores) to get it fixed. As an ex-geek squad agent, it's a very different feel there. In GS, all customers were at the mercy of how much the geek had taught themselves. At Apple, it's usually pretty straightforward and equal with some slight differences in knowledge among the Genii.
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    One of the key phrases that I remember is that: "improving is not innovating".

    IMHO the iPhone 4 was an innovation, 4s and 5 are just some minor improvements with no outstanding new feature.

    Touch screens IMHO are fully developed now. WP7 is now more fluid then iOS, but not by a large margin. Samsung's S-Pen was a nice and very productive invention. Apple should get rid of some of the Steve Jobs failures - like, your finger is the most perfect tool. I use pens for writing and don't stick my finger in the ink jar.
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    Woz know the only way people will pay attention to him is if he says something anti-Apple. It's like sites that create headlines for the purpose of generating page clicks (like anything to do with Apple & Samsung).
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    Plus the man has "dain bramage" and hasn't been relevant since the Macintosh was created. He hasn't had any significant engineering jobs in decades.
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    Woz was just a very talented engineer without vision, that's why his opinion about who innovates more, who is doing better and who's best are irrelevant.

    He did great things +30 years ago and we respect him for that, that's it.

  12. McGiord, Nov 18, 2012
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    the presentation
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    Oh look Wozniak has an opinion on Apple!

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    So...an engineer with lack of vision...why do you say that?
    Making the Apple II a fully expandable machine means having no vision?
    Who is the current 'great engineer with lack of vision'? I just wish we had many more like him nowadays...
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    Wozniak is master troll
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    There's great engineers at Microsoft and they have no vision (as far as great products go. proof? 95 until now. 0 innovation or something worth being called great).

    AFAIK, Wozniak should work for them. Both live in 1980 (as far as vision goes.), that's why Woz lost relevance in Apple... That's why Microsoft lost relevance too, despite +80% share in desktops OS.
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    He doesn't have to. He is not living on social service benefits I guess.

    I agree that Woz ain't really magnificent, but it's true that there are not any major innovations from Apple the last few years.

    I know, you will you will tell me now about the new iPhone cable.....
  18. VenusianSky, Nov 18, 2012
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    I don't believe that. He was being interviewed and he was just telling it how he feels. Do you seriously think Wozniak is the type of person that wants to attract attention? I am pretty sure he is doing well financially, so what would be the motive?

    He never said one bad thing about Apple. Are people just criticizing the guy because he had something positive to say about Microsoft?
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    Woz is a joke, and a sellout. I would strongly suggest if Apple has any ties with him still, especially money related they cut him loose and let him realize what a leech he is.
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    Online storage is hardly new.
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    Online storage that doesn't allow you to make new folders, and keeps all files grouped together by programs. Do you not see the genius in that? I don't have to do any work!

    That's why I like iOS devices. I don't have to think when I use them. All I have to do is press pretty buttons while staring through the screen with a slackjawed look on my face.
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    Sure, cloud service is great, I use it a lot too (Dropbox). But that's not invented by Apple, Dropbox is a few years older then iCloud.

    What Woz said was, Apple is less innovative nowadays, and I think everybody will agree with that.
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    I don't doubt the things he says get twisted by the media to give off an anti-Apple spin. I personally don't care much what he has to say as I don't think he's relevant anymore (hasn't been for a long time). The only time the broader media cares about him is when he says something they can spin as being a knock on Apple.


    #1 define "innovation" and #2 who is "everybody"?
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    I was being a bit facetious with my reply. :p

    Yeah, I use Dropbox and Skydrive for all my cloud storage needs, and iCloud because...well...it's nice for backing my iPhone up to, I guess.

    I can understand why people who exist solely in an Apple environment would kinda like iCloud. Kinda. But with me, being an iDevice/PC guy, it kinda sucks. There's no cohesion to it. If I want to grab a file I did in Pages on my iPad, I have to email myself the document, or hop onto the (limited and rather ugly) iCloud web client and download it from there. It's not anywhere near what I'd call a smooth experience.

    Dropbox is a much more feature rich, nicer, and easier platform to work with.

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