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Wrong album artwork copying to iPod Touch? Help

Discussion in 'iPod' started by bobfitz14, Dec 26, 2008.

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    Okay so i pretty much use my Touch every night before i go to sleep, and last night i noticed how 90% of the Album Artwork is associated with the wrong song. i pretty much ignored it because i could still listen to music so i figured i'd fix it this morning.

    so i open up iTunes this morning, start listening to music and i realize that all of the Album Artwork is fine, it's with the right artist/album etc. so i sync my Touch and go to a song on my iPod, and it's still showing up wrong on the iPod.

    mainly, what do i do so all the Album Artwork is correct on the iPod? my Touch is Jailbroken (it has been for a few weeks now) so i would prefer not to restore it so i lose all of my Jailbroken stuff, but if i have to i will.
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    It may be because you are running out of space, which is what happened to me when I often encountered this.

    Even if it's not that, I would recommend taking all the music off then putting it back on.
    If that doesn't solve it take all the music off and put all but like 100MB back on.
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    could it be the amount of stuff i have on it? i attached a screenshot of the iTunes window.

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    That could be it.
    Do what I said, but just don't take all the music off, take everything off.
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    Those proportions look similar to mine and I haven't had your problem.

    Put the iPod in manual mode and delete a "known bad" album. Then go back to automatic so that it can re-copy all of the files for that album. If that works, then delete all of the music like iParis suggested and let it re-synch the whole lot.
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    i put it in Manual and it synced for a few minutes and i looked through songs on my iPod and it removed (i think) all of the Album Artwork, was that supposed to happen? also, it increased the amount of available memory on my iPod too.

    right now it's syncing again because i unchecked the Manual option, it's taking foreverrrrr! it's copying videos apparently.
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    now i have 11gigs free of space and the Album Artwork is not on my iPod at all. what do i do now?! argh.
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    So your put your music/videos/etc back on but now the artwork isn't there?
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    It's not copying the artwork at all now? I fear that a Restore is in order. I don't know how difficult it is to back up a jailbreak.
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    what do i lose on a Restore? besides my Jailbroken stuff...:(
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    Are you using your own album art images or are you downloading the content from iTunes? Whatever you're doing, try the other one and resync.

    Another suggestion: try not syncing some videos such as movies and tv shows. From the looks of your content breakdown, this may solve your issues.

    Try editing the album art in another media manager. For example, since I use windows I often set up album art in Windows Media Player. Then remove/add the file to iTunes, and resync.

    If none of these suggestions work for you, restoring is your best bet. Sorry! =(
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    All content on your iPod is erased and replaced with whatever is in iTunes. I suggest trying my suggestions in the post above ^^^ before doing this, however, because there is no going back.

    Try a soft reset? Hold down sleep/wake and home until the apple logo appears, then let go of both. If there still isn't any artwork, resync?
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    i read that what you said is a hard reset...edit: i just noticed their soft reset is just shutting the Touch off then back on, sorry!
    oh, and i unchecked my movies and tv shows and it took like two seconds to remove them when it synced. still no Album Artwork, and i use iTunes for some of my music, so not all of my songs should have artwork but a decent amount should...
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    what the hell! according to iTunes and what i've done Videos should not be synced at ALL, i unchecked movies and tv shows, but it's all on my iPod still!

    my computer is recognizing my iPod so it is plugged in when it's claiming to be "synced" and my memory drops when i unsync videos, but they're still on my iPod!@#!243982uyrtf

    the past five months were great up until last night, arghhhhh. :confused:
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    XD I understand your frustration
    My next suggestion: reinstall iTunes. Make sure you backup your entire music library (as well as your iTunes Library.itl file). Wipe, reinstall, resync.
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    wellpp, right now i'm re-syncing all of my videos, if that doesn't work, i'm going to restore the iPod (but take note of all the Jailbroken stuff i have on a Word document).

    and if restoring the iPod doesn't work, bye bye iTunes. one question though, what do you do to backup your iTunes library. do i go to the folder that it's currently at, copy the folder and paste it as a (shortcut) somewhere else??
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    Yes, that would be the easiest way.
    Make sure you are viewing hidden folders if you're on a Windows computer, and copy everything to one directory so it can be put back easily.

    Provided that nothing is wrong with the video themselves, restoring your iPod will (read: should, in 99.99999% of cases) fix the issue.
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    two things...
    1. right now i made a folder on my desktop (i am on Windows) and i highlighted my iTunes library and i'm copying it all over to that folder (48 mins remaining, woot!) and i realize it won't copy videos, but i'll do that tomorrow. will this be effective? as long as their music files in the folder i'll be able to click+drag if i have to reinstall iTunes, correct?

    2. if//when i restore the iPod, it's basically going to be set up basically how i got it. in a way, it will be a "virgin" because there won't be squat on it. correct?
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    1. Yup, as long as you have a backup of music (and video) folders, you're set. But don't forget to make sure that a backup of your iTunes Library.itl file is also there! That's really important in the event that something happens.

    When iTunes reinstalls, replace your music and video backup to their respective locations and readd the content into a new iTunes Library. The old library backup is in the event that something goes wrong, you can just boot iTunes with this and resume how you were before this began.

    2. Yup, you'll have a seemingly-brand-new iPod touch, complete with all the factory-set goodness. While you will lose your jailbreak, that can easily be re-applied after this minor issue with album art is fixed.

    Good luck =)
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    so far it's been a good day, i got my license:cool:. so now i'm going to restore my iPod and hopefully it works because i'm not going to take the chance of losing my iTunes Library!
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    Congrats on the license! And don't worry about the iTunes library, if anything goes wrong you should have the backup ready =)
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    thank you! and i just restored my iPod, took a few hours but it's fixed! i also got my broken phone replaced for free, this is suuuuuch a good day. :D:cool:

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