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WTB: 3G iPhone (Please read PRIOR to post/flame)

Discussion in 'iPhone Marketplace Archive' started by Calvinatir, Jun 11, 2008.

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    It's me again...and the bounty is back!! You may remember my last WTB thread for the Macbook Air that had a good size bounty on it.

    Well, I'm offering a bounty again for the 3G iPhone (I know that even if I do get it, it may not work correctly until the 11th of July and AT&T releases the plans). I don't care, I just need/want it ASAP. If you can get one in your hands within the next 3 weeks please let me know and we'll arrange something beneficial for both of us.

    Please do not post or flame if you are just stating the obvious (that it probably wont work even if I get it early); I'm just making a valid monetary offer for ANYONE who can get this phone in their hands.

    Thank you!
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    so what is your bounty?
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    Depends on when you have it and what you're asking for it. I should be able to make it worthwhile
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    Mod note: If you do not have the item to offer please do not post. There's obviously a huge temptation to make jokes and question this admittedly rather odd request, but never the less the same marketplace rules stand as in every other thread.

    If you don't have the item to sell, don't comment. Your posts will be deleted.
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    I have deleted two further posts from this thread. What part of:

    ...is unclear?


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