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WTB: ancient Mac

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by aquajet, Dec 28, 2005.

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    I recently found a copy of A/UX that I'm interested playing with, however no Mac that can run it. I'm looking for a 68030 or 040-based Mac, like a Mac II series or Quadra series. Let me know what you have :)
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    I have a powerbook 100, not sure if its old enough..
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    I have 2 Mac IIs sitting right here next to me.. as well as a IIcx. I'll have to look into whether they are 'sellable' or not.
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    I have a blazing Performa 6somethingCD. has a massively large 500 MB harddrive, along with a nice monitor, and I think it's 33 MHz? I also have a much faster (MHz-wise) Performa with like a 4 GB harddrive, and I'd be willing to include the monitor on that as well..

    The earlier Performa may not be working, I'd be happy to check it out for you if you'd like though. The later is certainly working, however, and it's yours if you want it.

    Remeber if you do though, it's extremely heavy, and shipping would be somewhat expensive. The older Performa will also not connect to VGA monitors, and requires an apple monitor or an adaptor, both of which I have.

    Either or both can be yours for shipping + some cash or trade or something.. Haven't decided on anything yet, rest assured it wouldn't be much ;P

    (edit: the newer performa's a powerPC model, so i assume that's a no-go)
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    Are they the plain II, or IIsomething? I don't think the II will work, but the IIcx will. Let me know if they are "sellable". :)

    Zach, let me know the exact model number and I'll check if it's a go or no go.
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    It's plenty old, but not the right processor. :D
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    Well, I am the master of 68000 Macs:) I have LC's, Performas, Quadras, Centris, WGS, 601, and anything else PM me:D
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    PM sent
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    Lc's are probaly the easiest to ship....
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    Where do you live? We have a Performa that you can HAVE if you are nearby.
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    Hey there -- I have two LCIIs that work great (tho I haven't checked the specs) and three PowerBook 150s.

    The PBs have 120MB harddrives and I believe one has 200.

    OS 7.5 is currently installed on all of them, though obviously that wouldn't matter to you :)

    4MB of RAM in each, though. :(

    PM if interested.
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    I did a bit of research on the Performas, and it seems they don't support A/UX because they use the 68LC040 processor, and neither do the LCs because they lack an FPU (an FPU is required to run A/UX). Looks like I'll need to stick with a high-end ancient Mac. Hopefully, MacEffects will get back to me soon (has quite the collection).
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    ah, dang. sorry about that, thanks for your interest anyway...
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    My Performa 476 (a.k.a. LC475) has a replacement processor, an 68040 since I got tired of running into software that needed strong FP capabilities. The 850 MB hard drive should be plenty since A/UX was originally shipped on an 80 MB drive.
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    bousozoku, PM sent

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