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wtb: any decent g3 ibook or pb

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by ericsimpson1, Jul 24, 2005.

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    just wondering if anyone has a ibook or pb that they want to get rid of. my 1400 croaked and i really need a laptop for school. really anything with a usb port will be great. $350 max.


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    i can sell you the broken ibook from my sig
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    whats broken on it? can it be fixed?
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    well i sold the battery and the mb needs help (new working on on ebay $10-$15 i really just dont need it sitting around my room
    lcd is good no dead pixels
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    which ibook is it?
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    it is the ibook 800
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    cool. wouldnt it be cheaper for me to just buy a working one. the battery and motherboard would be atleast a couple of hundred $'s right
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    battery i sold for $30
    MB on ebay at most $20
    bubt it might be to much trouble for an older ibook
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    lol! cant be as old as my 1400 was! i had that thing for years til the logic board burnt up. do you know any other places to get the mb from? i hate ebay
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    bound to be some one on here
    what i would do is take mine and get another broken one (with just a bad lcd, and cosmetic flaws) and combine to two of them
    the other one you buy could be any where in the 500-900mhz range
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    Doucy2: You've found working logicboards on eBay for $20??
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    how much do you want for it?
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    just what ive been told
    i never buy parts off there
    thats why i told him to get another one with just a broken lcd cause mine is perfect
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    iBook motherboards ARE NOT $20. There's not a lot listed right now, but... here's an eBay search for ibook g3 mother board... $100 would be a steal, $250 wouldn't be too out there either.

    Sorry I don't have anything to sell the OP, just wanted to point this out.
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    i'm still looking so if anyone has one let me know. :D

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