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WTB: Any iPod Under $120

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by im_to_hyper, Dec 30, 2005.

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    Hey there -- that is the limit my girlfriend has given me.

    I told her that she can't expect much, but hey, its worth a shot. Even if you have a mini with three hours battery, we'll take it.

    As long as it runs for 3+ hours and is Windows compatible. (AKA anything but the 1G 5GB) I'll consider taking it from you. Now, notice that $120 is the limit, shipped, but I would like to note that lower is better. :D
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    As a sidenote, a few of the 2nd generations came Mac or Windows specific (10GB and 20GB?) as well.

    BTW, I'm still interested in seeing those pics of your display :D
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    yes also the software on them can be downloaded to covert them to the other system :)

    goo luck man in your search

    BTW that mini had the 1st and last name
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    Wait... what display? If you are talking about my 15" NEC monitors ... yeah. I need to get a PCI USB card so I can connect my camera to my Mac. Otherwise I would be more than glad to send you the pics.

    My laptop is currently in Indiana or Kentucky or somewhere around there getting repaired since I... eh hem... passed out on top it, thereby doing some damage. (My excuse for the warping was the CPU must have overheated :) )

    Anyway, I seem to sidetrack my own threads... anyone with an iPod?
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    I've got a 512mb shuffle (the iPod + HP variety) that was an impluse purchase that I hardly use. Includes original packaging. Would you be interested in that? Maybe about $65 shipped? (I think the refurbs are going for $79?)

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