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WTB apple boxes & posters

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by johnkrz, Jul 21, 2004.

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    hey i was wondering if any one out there had apple boxes their stuff came in, or apple posters. i would appreciate it. i really like to decorate my office with them. i was particularly looking for a panther box mine got stolen by those darn sexy things sitting aroound the house gnomes. contact me on aim, lacrosseguy0110 or email me at johnkrz@comcast.net. thanks.
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    Hi, I have an auction selling about 10 posters of them up right now.

    MASSIVE PowerMac G4 banner
    New iMac Launch Poster from MacWorld 2002
    Original 5GB iPod Launch Poster
    New iPod launch poster
    Buzz Aldrin Think Different poster
    20th Anniversary Apple 1984 2004 MacWorld poster
    Pink iPod poster
    iTunes Pepsi Beyonce poster
    iTunes Pepsi Seal poster
    and many promotional apple materials such as G5 specs mini-poster and more.
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    it would be easier to just do it here how much do you want.
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    What kind of boxes? would you be interested in older model boxes?
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    it depends

    hey just tell me what you have and ill tell you if i want it. thanks

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    Older PPC 7xxx-8xxx Performa 68xxxx boxes...
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    wow- ive got a few old things...

    68k performa box w/ some original software stuff

    G4 2001 box

    VERY old printer box (like imagewriter II i think)

    some vintage late 80s stuff like OS disks on 800k floppies
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    i really want posters but a g5 box would be good too.
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    i have a Ti 800 powerbook box. i will let it go for a good price
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    i got a ti 400 box

    and a 1ghz box

    and a 1.25 pb alu box

    i want posters people
    or display boxes
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    but no ti 800 box
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    I have a Performa 6300 Box, and a style-writer 1200 box, I'm not sure If I want to part with them, because the stuff that came in them still works. I have a lot of Apple print ads and informational cards that you see in the stores.
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    I'll have a dual 2.0 G5 box in a few days here that would otherwise end up in the dumpster.
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    will you send it to me ill pay shipping
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    I have a Cube poster, but it's in pretty crappy shape, as I .. acquired it.. from a school office when I graduated, before they remodeled.
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    can i have it ill pay shipping
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    Sure. I'll let you know when it arrives.
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    I've got a panther box, 15GB Volkswagon iPod box, iLife '04 Box, Apple in-ear headphones box, Apple DVD-R 2x 5 pack box,
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    will you give me the panther box if i pay shipping.
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    sure, PM me with what you think shipping will be and I'll have it out in the mail monday! Paypal? :)
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    make me an offer for all of them or just one, I have these posters for sale. I have more but cant sell them.

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    I have a tibook and ipod mini box if you are interested.

    - Doc
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    0s and 1s

    How much for the Chavez poster? And what's the size?
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    Seen some go for $140 , ill let it go for $100

    36"x24". (size)
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    TAM Poster

    I've got a TAM poster in okay condition, it's hanging in my bedroom right now. I also have a Jaguar poster in sotrage, but I think it has a small tear.

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