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WTB: Apple OS 9 install cd

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by tonywalker23, Jul 15, 2006.

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    i want to install os 9 on a blue and white power mac g3. i tried looking on ebay but there were so many different kinds that all claimed to install os 9 it confused me.

    i think im looking for a 'retail cd' but correct me if im wrong. i didnt switch until the jaguar days so the os 9 stuff im not too up on.

    if anyone has one im interested.

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    If you can look at the pics of the ones on ebay, mostly all RETAIL disks have a white background, with black lettering and a very large gold "9" that runs down thru the center of the cd.

    The OEM disks, otoh, have a grey background with white lettering and say either "restore disk" or "install disk" on them.

    If none of the above, you'd probably be looking at a pirated copy......

    most of the online stores that deal in older macs should have some for sale. ie lowendmac.com, macsofalltrades.com, secondhandmac.com etc etc OWC has the gray ones for $38......
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    I have the white with the Gold 9 on it. It is titled Mac OS 9 Featuring Sherlock 2.

    Shoot me a PM if interested.
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    I have a few of the grey ones... let me know.
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    Try phoning the Apple Store (don't bother e-mailing them you'll be there all year).

    I bought 9.2.1 for about £18 2 years ago, fairly easy - CD only no maual.

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