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WTB: Apple Studio Display

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by amacgenius, Dec 28, 2005.

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    Looking for a 17" Studio Display, it's gotta have the power cord.

    Pictures needed before I buy, I can pay by PayPal and I have great feedback on eBay (check sig) and here on MR.

    Might also take a 15" but it must have everything original box and manuals is always a plus too.

    Could also trade a G3 800mhz iBook if wanted, post your offers and what you have, thanks!

    I'm looking for these kind of displays:
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    I no longer need the DVI to ADC Adapter, thanks doucy2 :).
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    I have one and was not really selling it, but how much would you offer for it? If the price is right, I'll sell it. I also have the ADC -> DVI adapter that retails for about ~130, but I do not think you need it anymore.
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    Larry, there were two versions of this display FYI. There was one with graphite Apple logos (older) and one with chrome Apple logos (newer). There is also no power cord, the ADC connection powers the LCD.
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    Good point, but not so on a Powerbook. The DVi-ADC adaptor does the powering there.
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    I no longer need the adapter, how much for just the display and how many ", and do you have pictures?
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    Would also trade 60gb white video iPod for a 20" or above.
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    I have a 17" studio display that I would like to sell. PM for discussion about pricing and where I can send some pictures.

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    I don't want to sound bad, but you did say you weren't aloud to trade your ipod (only sell it for cash) so why are yo trading it now? once again I am not trying to derail your thread or anything, just kinda disappointing
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    take the need ofr a DVI to ADC adapter out of the 1st post "L"
    im shipping yours tomorrow
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    I left something out of your PM, it was because she didn't want to deal with customs and border stuff, and taxes, etc. She really hates shipping things to Canada, although I probably won't trade the iPod, it's just an idea I'm throwing out there.
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    pm sent!!!:D
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    I bought a Mini DVI to DVI adapter yesterday and I have a ADC to DVI one coming (thanks doucy2) so I'm ready to purchase one of these displays.

    I will trade my iPod for a 20" or above or I will buy a 17".

    Please make me offers, I really want one of these!

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