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WTB/Aquire: Dead HD's

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by XNine, Aug 3, 2005.

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    Hi there! I'm looking for broken and useless HD's for art projects (an HD windchime and other stuff). So if you have old HD's that are borken (I would prefer ones that data cannot be taken from to protect YOU from being screwed, and to ensure everyone I'm not some scheister).

    I'd be willing to buy/ or pay for shipping for these. Any regular sized HD's will work.

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    I might have a few dead ones lying around at home... where are you located?
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    I'm located in Colorado. I'd gladly take them off your hands. :D
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    Well, I've got one in my hands right now, and a few back at home that may work, but have absolutely nothing of value on them (and are too small to be of any value). Actually, I think I'm using two to prop up the short leg of a computer desk.

    I'd be happy to send whatever I have out to you... how should I go about doing it?

    Actually, I've got a few platters laying around as well, I think... I was taking the magnets out of the drives for some time. Great note holders. Since you'll be doing chimes and so fourth, do you want the platters as well?

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    I admire your initative, I'm amassing a huge number of CD's (anything AOL, mis-burned ones, from expos, etc) and plan on making a mosaic out of them... someday.

    I've got one on hand right now, and would be happy to give it up. I'll have to see how much shipping is on a single 3.5in drive.

    If mine doesn't make it, don't let it stop you! Good luck with the project... and I expect to see pictures.
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    Thanks everyone for responding! This is awesome. Depending on how much you guys want plus shipping, I figure I can spend about 70 total right now since the GF is out of a job (shakes fist at corperate boss b@stards!!!!) I'll be able to afford more shortly. So, from the two or three of you, decide what you want/need for payment/shipping and I'll do it.

    So, I can send money order or go through paypal. I don't need them ASAP so snailmail, low-priority should be fine.

    Paltters/whole drives, parts, pieces, etc. Whatever you have, I'll take.

    Thanks MJohnson, pictures will be put up when I get these done. The HD windchime is the small one, the other one is large and requirs LOTS of wire (CAT 5, Romex, etc.) and will stand about about 5'9 When done.
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    Sweet. Can't wait.
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    I have 2 4 giggers that my old iMac killed, intrested?
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    At the IKEA near me, they took the cds and turned them to the readable/not printed side and stuck them in a cheap frame. It looked pretty good, and I think I am going to try the same thing.
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    I got two. Apple 500 MB SCSI and 1 GB WD....Both still work :D

    $5 shipped and they are yours...PM for paypal address.
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    i'd go over all those HD's with a magnet, not that i think that the original poster is a crook, but the possibility remains (cant be too carefull with your personal data)
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    I HAVE 10!!!

    I have a about 10 Hard drives that I believe are dead (a few may work though, I'm not sure) they are SCSI and IDE, some go to a gig most are not labeled, make me an offer and they are yours!! :D
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    i have a bunch if you want them, PM me
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    I also have TONS of SCSI HD's. They are working but I have no place to put them in.
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    I'd rather they do that too, for their own personal piece of mind.

    You're absolutley right to think that way, because, it's the net. We dunno who we deal with every day.
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    Sorry to dig up an old thread, but did you ever get these projects done? If so, got pics? Want to see where my two drives ended up.
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    hey, mr. located in CO, whereabouts, (anywhere near boulder?) and do you have any firewire enclosures/cases that I might be bale to take off your hands/purchase
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    why not just start your own thread?
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    I have 30 PowerBook Hard Drives 12gig-40mb, and about 3 Hard Drives dead or about dead, 20gig-60gig, and many dead 80mb Drives (Don't Ask), and some 1gig, 2gig, 4gig, and 6gigs in Unknown Shape... Please let me know if you are interested, I'd let them go VERY Cheap!
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    i have 80gb WD 7200rpm
    i think i can be reapired

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