WTB: bluetooth keyboard (possibly mouse)

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by wnameth, Dec 15, 2005.

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    i just ordered a bluetooth module for my ibook, i am now looking for a bluetooth keyboard and possibly a mouse. I absolutely do NOT want an apple mouse will accept a keyboard though. If it is going to be a third party one like microsoft or logitech i would prefer it to be a combo. as in matching keyboard and mouse. i have a Logitech MX 700 (same as the mx900 but not bluetooth) just wireless with USB cradle and i can add cash, if you will part with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, otherwise i just want the keyboard alone. i ONLY want a mouse if you will be including a keyboard as a combo.


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    wnameth is a great person to deal with, had no problems :).
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    okay so no one has a bluetooth keyboard (apple or not apple) or a mouse (not apple)?
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    I also want to get a wireless keyboard
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    I have one, but it's got all the keys off atm, so I can clean it, I could just send it as is and you clean it if you want it.
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    not sure what you mean? could you post pics, i can use blow off on it... not sure what that means?
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    Here's what I mean:


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    so the lettering is alright on all those pieces? also how much, any chance you could add this to our deal (if it happens)
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    also how did it get like that, did you have no luck with it or what?
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    You can just p[op the keys off to clean the keyboard and keys. I did this about 3 weeks ago, I was so lazy I left the keys sitting in a bag for 2 weeks before popping them back in.
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    That's completely true, kinda the same way with me.

    As I stated in PM, that deal can't happen :( but I'll let the keyboard go for $45 USD shipped.

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