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WTB: Broken PowerMac G5

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by PowerBook17in, Jul 24, 2005.

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    I have been recently given a PowerMac G5 that was in a fire. The main components are fully functional, but the case leaves much to be desired. So that leads me to looking for other broken PowerMac G5s so I can start this project. And my wife won't let me bring it in to the house without getting rid of the smell first.
    So if you have any ideas as well, post em. :)
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    You can buy a new case (w/ or w/out power supply) at We Love Macs. :)
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    if you cant find an affordable case, perhaps youll sell that pm? or maybe trade?
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    I am looking more to pick up a bargain on one that the CPUs or mobo is bad in. Doesn't need ram or such. WeLoveMacs is a bit expensive. I have seen the case on allmac.com for 130. But I am looking for the broken deal so I can get the fans, cables, and etc. that don't come with the case.
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    I'll keep my eyes open for some stuff, and I'll let you know if I find anything. :)
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    Try eBay. Or take it apart and scrub it. :)
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    Can you post a picture?

    I think that you should get it sand blasted. If its just a tarnished surface then this would be pretty cheap.

    Any sandblaster/Anodiser would do it.. You could easily ask for it to be dyed a colour instead of just sealed. That would look quite cool...
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    On another note. You lucky guy. :D

    I wish I was given a G5, fire-damaged or perfect. Even if it was fire damaged, I'd still use it! :D
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    Ebay is slow going on having parts. I am not too worried about the discoloration.
    I am most concerned about the smell. Someone told me to try steel wool and lysol, but I kinda shuddered at the steel wool.
  10. tsk
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    In theory, that sounds correct, but in practice that's going to be fairly hard. The case is anodized aluminum yes, but it's glued to pieces of plastic. I do not think you can remove the aluminum from the plastic. I'm talking about the grey plastic you see at joints on the case and covering the airport antenna. On top of the plastic, there is the battery which again seems to be glued to the aluminum. I think there may be other things as well.

    I looked into this at some point and had various parts of my case apart. I suppose it would be technically possible (aside from the battery) if the annodizing process didn't really have an effect on the plastic. I assume you could get the annodizing "stripped" by a chemical means and then re-annodize it. But I tend to believe that the plastic would get stained and probably unevenly.
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    Yeah, steel wool will make it look like crap. I assume you have tried the obvious things like a rag with alcohol or other cleaners. You really don't want to do anything that would scratch through the annodizing on the aluminum (well I mean right now, it's crap anyways, just saying it will still be crap if you use steel wool, just cleaner crap).

    Does the complete unit powerup? You mention it's mostly working. What doesn't work on it?

    So my main suggestion is that you need to find someone on eBay about to part out a unit with a broken LCD. This happens fairly frequently: someone drops PB, breaks LCD, finds out repair costs, decides to part out. If you can find someone who just lists a part, maybe you can swoop (maybe being the key word) and get all the case parts and leave them with the logic board and disk and stuff. They obviously want to maximize their return so I don't know that selling you the case resonably is in their best interest. My experience is that each case of the PB tends to be a $100 item.
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    He needs a Powermac...not Powerbook
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    Aside from the smell, the only issues are that the RAM and HD need to be replaced. It powers on and gives me the good old flashing question mark when I install different RAM.
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    I will surely take it off your hands if you can't find a case for it and need to get rid of it
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    Nice try, lol. I will probably disassemble it and wash everything that I can. Someone else also recommended oxi clean.
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    And my wife might just have to deal with the smell. It isn't everyday that you are given a G5.
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    Not a single sole with a busted PM G5? People on ebay want way too much for ones that don't work. Last one I saw with for $1k
  18. tsk
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    D'oh sorry. Reading his name and post, my brain must have interchanged words. Then I think I'd probably take back what I said. I think getting it annodized is probably the best solution if you have access to those sorts of things.

    I really don't have much up close and personal experience on the PM so maybe there's something I'm missing.
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    Rod Rod

    I've seen new PM G5 bare cases on eBay going for around $100 including shipping. They were from smaller sellers. Anyway, just about anything can be cleaned with the right techniques, tools and chemicals. I would disassemble it, clean the pieces and then put it back together.
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    But the new cases don't come with the fans and such.
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    Rod Rod

    It can't be that hard to clean the fans. I've removed the dust from mine. I suppose tar and smoke would be more challenging but it shouldn't be impossible. I think you can do it.
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    Did you try restoring it your self. You could use really fine sanding paper and strip that silver (well now black) stuff off. Then buy some base primer in and spray paint it with that and then spray paint it in any color you wish.
    That way you could have a custom color PM G5.
    It s worth a shot, just be patient and do some research on what kind of paints you should use so they paint will last a long time. How about some auto paint with its high gloss final coat. I am thinking Ferrari Red :D
    This is what I would have done in your situation.
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    Consult professional fire restorers and/or dry cleaners about using
    "counteractants," chemicals or additives that break up smoke
    molecules to eliminate odors. The type of counteractant used will
    vary with the type of material burned in the fire. Counteractants
    may be professionally applied to furniture, carpets and draperies.
    Restorers also may provide them for laundering clothes.
    Fire restorers and dry cleaners sometimes use an ozone treatment
    to break up smoke molecules and eliminate odors. If the process is
    done in the home, items are put under a tent while an ozone
    generator is operating.


    Try washing it with Dawn Dish detergent if that doesnt work, try rubbing it down with vinegar. Vinegar seeems to break up the smell pretty well.
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    I like this idea... Sand that bad boy down, get a good *self etching primer*, wet sand and spray paint (wash, rinse, repeat), the some good clear coat and some car wax.. It'd be a Colorware PM G5! You could get MAD BANK for that.. I am even thinking about it for my G5 now :)

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