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WTB/Feeler: Dot Mac / .mac

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by tefleming, Jun 13, 2008.

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    What's the going rate on a 1yr dot mac? Amazon's sold out at 70. Best price I've seen is 78.

    Anyone selling for less? Or know some place that is.
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    I saw a place on eBay selling for $69 and then $7 for shipping, search for dot mac and it was at the bottom under the auction listings. I was hoping to save the $7 shipping and have the email the activation code, they won't do it.
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    Now this looks like a good place to pick it up; now all I need to figure out is if it's what I really need.
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    Have you purchased from this store before? I'd love to jump on this, but the price seems too good to be true.
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    I gave it a shot. They have a pretty good rating on ResellerRatings.
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    Best I've seen. I just picked one up for $62 on ebay and had them email me the code. I was pretty happy with that price.
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    Would it be possible for you to post some feedback in this thread once you have received the item? I'm interested in purchasing but am a bit skeptical.

    Please let us know of your experience - thanks.
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    Something weird about that place. The icon that shows up in the address bar next to the URL is Yahoo's "Y!"
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    Nope, I've never used them before.
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    Just means they use Yahoo's merchant platform.
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    Oh okay. Thanks for the tip. Great price for the .Mac. I may jump on that myself.
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    I just completed my purchase from there, hopefully it's legitamate, but it definitely seems to be.

    I'll post an update when it's received.
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    If I buy the Family pack and use only install on 2 computers, can I offer the remaining licenses to others? I want to stay legal.
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    As long as those others live at the same address. Otherwise, no.
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    Where do you see that? I looked at the terms of service and all over the support site and couldn't find any rules about every member of a Family pack having to live in the same place.
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    I can't find it either, but I know that I've read it in my family packs for .mac, iLife, Tiger, Leopard, Panther, and iWork. It doesn't have to be the same address per sé (ie a child away at college), but there wouldn't be a point to it. There's one admin account and all of the others have limited functionality.
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    I put in an order for .Mac at royaldiscount.com yesterday. Just received this email...

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    Mine got canceled too, but they didn't even have the courtesy to e-mail me and tell me that they canceled it.
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    placed my order on Saturday, no status listed on their website.

    //EDIT: Mine shipped. Guess I got in before the rush.
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    They do have about 200 copies of the Family Pack, so says the guy who emailed me about the cancellation. Even at $80, it's cheaper than I can find the single .Mac for.
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    Mine was cancelled as well.

    ETA: Interesting that they DO have them for $79.99, though. Wonder if all the interest made them cancel the orders and raise the price.
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    probably...I was going to order from them this weekend.

    I might purchase version 4.0.
    Of course version 4.0 only has 2gb of online storage, but once it switches to .me won't everyone get 20gb anyway? Does anyone know?
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    All accounts are the same. It doesn't matter which box you buy, you'll always get the current version.
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    wish I'd known that :( ...well, anyway I just picked up version 5.0 on ebay for $69. The seller has another one, but for some reason I don't know if im allowed to post the link on MR so I wont get myself in trouble-im pretty sure you can find it if you search unless its been purchased already. Also, techforless.com has it for $65+shipping. (about $73 shipped).

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