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    if you have a g3 ibook

    thats at least 500mhz
    and has at least a dvd rom drive

    i mite buy it for about 500
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    I have a 900 G3 loaded but would need quite a bit more than 500.



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    g-4 800

    i have a 800 mhz G4 with cdrw/dvd and extreme card but I need $850
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    i have an ibook 600

    its only got a cd rom, but 640 ram and airport. I also had to replace the backlit light for the screen. Its got one scratch on the screen its a big one. But you wont notice it if it is turned on to max brightness. i will give you a site to upgrade it to a cdrw/dvd rom, or you can use e-bay.Email me if you want it. johnkrz@comcast.net Since its maxed i would want something llike 600 or 700 dollars though.
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    I just sent you a PM.

    I have a 500mhz G3 iBook with broken CD drive. I can include another CD drive or you can just go find a DVD or combo drive.

    128mb/10gb. Case is in good condition.

    $435 + shipping from 07006.
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